Author Topic: Another front foot/back foot question  (Read 489 times)

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Another front foot/back foot question
« on: October 23, 2010, 04:51:45 PM »
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  • First off, I am a big kook and almost 27 years old, so please feel free to rip into me if I am being ridiculous.  But here's another foot placement question:

    I've always surfed goofy foot; I learned on beach breaks in Maine and it just felt comfortable to pop up with my right foot first.  Now, I just borrowed a buddy of mine's skateboard.  I'm not a skater, have no business on a skateboard, but wanted to practice.  When I took the board to a park, I rode regular foot.  Just seemed more natural.  When I kick a soccer ball, I balance on my left leg and kick with my right.  If you asked me to stand on one foot, I would stand on my left leg.  So, why wouldn't I stand on the board with my left and kick with my right, right?  What is the major difference in turning a skateboard versus surfboard as far as foot position is concerned?

    I don't really have friends who surf much, so I taught myself for the most part.  Have I been surfing off the wrong foot?

    I've been saving to get a new board and just wanted to see what people said before I picked a shape.  Thanks.