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Rockaway Community Planning Event
« on: November 09, 2010, 10:32:48 PM »
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  • This Wednesday, November 10th- 7PM at Peninsula Hospital Meditation room will be Rockaway Waterfront Allliance's last planning meeting for the year and is the last chance for YOU to get your ideas and proposals on the map for future development in the Rockaway Peninsula.

    The city will be selecting core projects throughout the city for implementation that will lay the groundwork for the Bloomberg administrations remaining three years. In order to see real tangible improvements we need your input NOW. Our meeting is taking place only days before the city's own Vision 20/20 Planning Process deadline for public comments.
    This will be your last chance to make sure Rockaway's interests are heard.

    Please encourage everyone to attend this important public space planning meeting. If we want to see improvements to our streets, parks, and programs in the Rockaways we need EVERYONE'S input.

    We will also be presenting all the public's feedback that has been collected from the planning meetings, so this is your opportunity to see the results and make sure all of Rockaways interests are accurately represented. The meeting will also be a chance for local residents to present their ideas and proposals for future development along the Rockaway Peninsula. Please come to collaborate with others on improving the Rockaway Peninsula.