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Hurricane Santa
« on: December 24, 2012, 07:38:08 AM »
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  • Everyday since the storm up to a point has been work. Lots of it. We had so much damage it was overwhelming. After all ive been thru in my life & the last few years, ive seen all these uos & downs. I often feel cursed at times & blessed others. Each notch in my belt has been so new or rare and this one was amazing despite it bring a pain in the ass. We have taken so much from Mother Ocean & she finally took back but life wouldnt be worth living if we didnt have all these things to make us stronger. Ive learned & relearned valuable skills. Ivelearned processes Ive never seen before. We have regressed back to a time when I had very little, no heat, no electricity, no food, no $ and def not at all 1 fraction of help.

    All in all tho as messed up & chaotic life is durring the recovery proccess, we have regrouped as a community. Ive seen allot of people talking about leaving & I cant blame them but just remember, this could happen anywhere, just maybe differently. We have oppertunity here that we didnt beforein a sense of governing our town. Things are changing. Theres potential the city knows about, theres going to be new streets & boardwalks. Iysup to us to make it a better place. Maybe gorrilla gardening teams can attack this spring, maybe an overload of 311 calls on slumlords with help the owners become motivated to fix their brown trout. Maybe the storm will get us appeoved for billions in repair, I dont knkw but looking at all if the help we fot from citizens, surfers & neighbors, aint no way Sandy won. Its a pain in the ass but down the road, we eill talk story if how that Bitch Sandy slapped us around.

    Its been a long time since we saw past surfing & got back to our friendships. I think we needed that somewhat & as usual, my doors open.come by, say hello & drink a beer. Start a lil firepit up & get a BBQ going. Everyones sick of the mess but its here. Lets make the best of it. Cheers & Happy Hollidays my friends. I love you, we will get through this too.