Author Topic: How can we best protect Long Beach from future storms? Here's what independent experts say!  (Read 6110 times)

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i dunno if its as simple in longbeach, but i assume it is...

i've been in a buncha homes in rock, and i know who got what damage, and where the house is, and if you just look at it on google earth, you can look at the street level elevation of every house. the resolution is 1 meter. and, its crude but the level of water in the house pretty much depended on the street elevation. i couldnt understand why a friends house 5 blocks away on the beach block, 3 houses from the beach got a foot of water in the basement, and i (middle block) got water from the basement floor to a foot high on the first floor.

well, duh, the elevation of the street in front of his house is a meter higher than mine. it pretty much explained things. doesnt seem to make a shitload of difference whether you were on the ocean or bay, its the elevation of the house . (other than the beach houses getting the added effect of the waves slamming into them.

jetties, sand, and dunes will help with medium to big storms. but if (when) we get another surge that high, the only things that can possibly make a difference are raising the houses, or building bathtub walls around the entire perimeter of the area. period.

It literally IS that simple. And FEMA knows it. That's why the FEMA new construction guidelines call for habitable construction above the BFE, or Base Flood Elevation.
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Ithink the best way to protect Long Beach from storm is to well-prepare, predict when the storm is. I found this site is very informative for tides, weather