Author Topic: Recycle your old boardshorts for a good cause!  (Read 663 times)

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Recycle your old boardshorts for a good cause!
« on: June 10, 2009, 10:41:31 PM »
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  • A lot of area participating shops!


    Volcom V.Co-Logical Series presents: "Recycle Your  Old Boardshorts For a Good Cause".

    All you need to do is drop off any old boardshorts into  the bin at any participating shop to be donated to a local charity. You will be entered to  win the grand prize of being V.Co-Logically outfitted for a year!

    Ten more winners will be chosen and will receive a pair of Volcom  V.Co-Logical Boardshorts and a pair of Volcom V.Co-Logical Creedlers.

       *   Bring in your boardshorts  (can be any brand and must be in wearable condition)
      *   Find a store employee to sign you up for the sweepstakes
      *   Drop them in the bin and be entered to win
      *   You can enter as many times as you would like
      *   Shop will choose the local charity of their choice
      *   No purchase necessary
      *   Recycle your boardshorts bin will be in shops from June 1st - July 31st
      *   Winners will be picked at random on July 31st, 2009
      *   Volcom will contact you if you’re the winner


      EAST COAST: (click on each name to see the shop websites)
      *  Sunrise  Surf Shop
      *  Waterboyz
      * MTB  Surf Emporium
      *  Ocean  Magic
      *  Island Water Sports Deerfield
      *  Double Barrel Surf &  Skate
      *  Special  Sauce
      *  Warm  Winds
      *  Island  Sports
      *  Pioneers
      *  Main Beach 
     *  17th  Street
     *  Whalebone Surf Shop
     *   Surf  City
     *  Village Surf  Shop
     *  Parrot Surf  Shop
     *  K-Coast  Surf  Shop
     *  Chauncey's  Surf Shop
     *  Heritage Surf  Shop
     *  Wild Ocean
     *  Farias Surf  Shop


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