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Interview with Holly Beck...
« on: May 30, 2009, 08:52:45 PM »
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  • I could just as easily have been posted this in The Fitness Center, but it definitely works here as well - The Interview is from, and can be found here:

    Interview - Holly Beck

    As a surfer, why do you think itís important to live a healthy lifestyle?

    Itís important for everyone to live a healthy lifestyle. Without your health, what have you got? As a surfer, you really notice if you havenít been living healthy. When youíre caught inside on a big day you want to be as fit as possible, not tiredly gasping for breath.

    What is your exercise regimen and how does it help you stay in shape for surfing? 

    Lately iíve been doing a lot of yoga which is great for the mind, but unfortunately itís sometimes hard to fit a class in with my schedule. I need to be able to workout when I have the time for it, and that doesnít always coincide with the class schedule. I also want to work on surfing specific workouts. One great resource is The Surf Stronger guys have come up with some great surfing-specific warmups, workouts, and cool downs. You can buy a dvd, watch some tutorials, or download a video. Also, I use the TRX. Itís a total body workout designed by a former Navy Seal captain and it packs up really small, great for home, the office, or traveling.  Iíve never felt so fit in my life!

    What foods do you consider essential to your health and diet and why?

    Iím an eater. Health starts in the mind, so I think an occassional big authentic burrito with hot sauce and chips and salsa is essential. But of course, itís all about balance. I also have a garden and grow lettuce, chard, tomatoes, green onions, basil, cilantro, and chiles. Thereís nothing better than making a salad straight out of the garden because itís fresh and completely organic. Other than that, I shop at Whole Foods, buy organic, consider where the produce or meat was shipped from and try to buy locally as much as possible. I love to cook and have been obsessed with shittake mushrooms lately. They have been finding their way into several dinners a week!

    Are there any natural products or remedies that you swear by? 

    Monavie is really good for both the body, mind, and wallet. Itís a super concentrated juice made up of 19 exotic fruits from around the world starring the Acai berry. Drinking a shot of it twice a day is enough to give you 13 servings of fruits and vegetables. I like to eat healthy, but even I wouldnít get that many servings a day without Monavie. The people involved are also really positive and supportive, and the company pays incentives if you share it with your friends. Itís a total package for health and wealth.

    How do you stay healthy while traveling? 

    I bring Monavie gel packs with me so that i can still get my fruit and veggie servings even when traveling to places like Latin America where fresh green vegetables are hard to find. The TRX travels really well too, so that helps me get a workout in even when the surf is flat. Of course, more than just the body, the mind has to be healthy. Iím a facebook junky which helps me stay in touch with friends while traveling. I also just try to enjoy the moment and the people iím with no matter where i am in the world. That seems to work really well.

    What steps do you take in your daily life to lessen your impact on the environment?   

    I always bring my own bags to the grocery store and refuse bags and just carry out items at other stores. I get really bummed if I end up at the store and realize Iíve forgotten to bring my bags. I use refillable water bottles and try to cut down on buying plastic as much as possible. I consider where food comes from and try to support companies that are making an effort to be environmentally friendly. I walk or skate rather than drive wherever I can.

    What is one thing you would encourage others to do to move toward a more healthy, low-impact lifestyle?  All of the above. Be mindful. Think about what you are doing and how you could do it better.

    Whatís coming up for you in the future? 

    Any new projects or travel plans?   Iím working on some plans to do some surfing and fitness getaway camps for people interested in improving their surfing ability and fitness. Check for updates. Iím also working on doing some projects in Nicaragua. Wanna buy your own piece of paradise down there? You could do it from me. Letís be neighbors! Iím writing a book about my experiences growing up, learning to surf, and traveling the world as a professional surfer. If I ever get some more time to devote to that I will finish it eventually!

    What organizations do you support that promote healthy lifestyles and/or oceans?

    Project Wave of Optimism
    Surfers Without Borders
    Save the Waves Coalition

    Do you have a website?
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