Author Topic: Envirosurfer blog: 2011 New Year’s Resolution for Eco-Minded Surfers Everywhere  (Read 400 times)

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Originally posted just before new year's on:

2011 is right around the corner and it’s time to bust out some   resolutions for the new year. This year things will be different. We’re   going to actually follow through for a change. How? Making it easy and   breaking it down into 5 steps. First, the goal: Reducing our impact on the environment through our surfing lifestyle.
Pick Up 3 height=161

1. Pick up 3 – Check out the site here:   The concept is simple. Every time you go for a surf or head down to the   beach, don’t go home without grabbing 3 pieces of trash and chucking   em’ where they belong. It’s easy, but you gotta make it part of your   routine to pull it off. Sadly, it’s never too hard to find at least 3   pieces.

2. Bike/Walk to the Beach - Yes, we know….not   everyone is close enough to pull this off but we have a solution for you   as well: Commit yourself to learning the swell directions/tides of your   local breaks. This means you’ll spend less time driving, more time in   the water and score better surf than ever before. If you do live close   enough, you should know your home break by now, so no excuses on why you   need to drive down the street. You know who you are…
Bike To The Beach height=147

3. Beach Cleanup - Join the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and get involved. Google “Beach Cleanups” and DO SOMETHING! Set a goal of 4 a year.

4. Give the gift of Organic - What’s the easiest way   to spread the word about eco-friendly surf products? It doesn’t get   cheaper than wax. Everyone needs it and you can barely walk through the   parking lot without someone trying to bum some from you. Next time they   do, make sure you hand them some organic wax. There are TONS of options.
 Patagonia R3 Front Zip Wetsuit height=221

5. Eco-Friendly Surf Products -
   Ok, so you’re not going to be Captain Planet overnight. And that’s not   what we’re suggesting, but we’re definitely not going to let you finish   reading this article without some blatant self-promotion. Think hard….is   there an area of your current setup that you wouldn’t mind making more   earth friendly? We mentioned organic wax above, but go deeper. Bamboo fins? Geoprene wetsuit? Eco friendly surfboard? The possibilities are endless and it’s pretty easy to make a big impact with a change in just one small area. Do it!
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