Forum Rules and Guidelines
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Please be aware of the following rules and posting guidelines:

1.   Show courtesy and respect to other forum members. Nothing wrong with having a different opinion, just make sure that you express it in an adult manner.

2.   Even though there are few if any secrets in this world anymore, out of respect for people that are local to certain areas as well as surfers who have worked hard to gain local knowledge of how and when certain modestly known and lesser known places are likely to work, please:

a.   Refrain from mentioning specific spot names, unless it is in the context of a surf charity event, contest, or surf news event.

b.   Understand that referring to a town name is generally accepted (but still discouraged), unless the town only has one main break. For instance, mentioning Long Beach or Montauk is generally accepted if it makes sense inside the context of a particular post and is done with discretion, but mentioning a specific block or break in either of those towns would not generally be acceptable. Mentioning specific towns in Jersey with only one break would not be acceptable, mentioning that you surfed "somewhere north of Asbury" would.

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