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Pretty cool. What day was this.

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ridiculous prices. i wish they had a bit more volume. good luck with sale!
I agree with Lone surfer, its been working well..beach erosion is deff threatening to the parkway but honestly screw the drive-on.. no one follows the rules and it crowds the beach/lineups. Anyway- I got a quick video 1 wave vid during that swell in January. Checked it on my way back form LB and it was bombing! I dont know how to post it on here though :o
5'6 x 22 x 2.375 (36L) Stretch No Friends - 5 months old, in like new condition. 5 fin futures, fins not included. $550.
Beach Cruiser SOLD.  Someone buy these boards.  Negotiable, will do multi board pricing.
Bars at Gilgo have been really good. Best in a long time. You must be looking at the wrong spot at the wrong times.
Fortunately surfing is not skateboarding. It's not a stagnate playing field, waves and spots change on the frequent. Have not been out to Gilgo in a few years, but I did always like how you can't see a house or about anything man made while in the water.

it made it through this winter barely but its not looking good. also the break isnt what it used to be 2-3 years ago. alot of people are suggesting jetties but that means you have to build many to prevent cavitation down current.  i dont know much about oceanography but i feel like instead of wasting all that $$ pumping sand for it to be gone after one storm, why not dump coblestones or the like? i feel like it would hold sand and create a steady break. any other suggestions? PS i miss the drive on RIP
been having some weird shoulder pain this week as well and actually turned out to be spasms in my upper upper back, a quick trip to the chiropractor and some back stretches really helped it out! just a thought if you cant seem to find anything that helps.
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