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down to $240.
Selling my Nature Shapes Redux Round-tail
Dims: 6'0" x 19.75" x 2.625"
Vol: 34 L
Future fins (included) / thruster set up
Like new condition, just a couple of small / minor pressures.

I've had 3 of these Redux boards shaped by Mike Becker at Nature Shapes - they're awesome for our waves.
This one I had shaped with a round-tail and a little flip in the nose rocker to help in better waves.
I just don't ride it much as it overlaps with my other Redux and my HPSB.
Board is at Nature Shapes in Sayville - they have it listed for $335, but I told them to let it go for $300.

From Mike Becker's web site: "The Redux is our version of a popular rocket style shape.  This fuller outline shortboard allows for easy wave entry while the straight tail outline allows for extreme drive.  The redux can catch waves like a fish yet perform like a shortboard."

Tachyon Sold
Nine has turned into TS Harvey - looks destined for Central America. The disturbance in orange looks like our current next best bet.....
Lost Rocket SOLD!!!! 1 MORE TO GO. 5'5" Brian Bulkley  polywog. . Come and get it!
Oh you like that Pappas?! ;D
Sounds good.
Trop Atlantic as of this afternoon (Aug 17, 2017) Here's hoping one of these three follows in Gert's wake:

My latts and arms hurt. I wonder why, thanks Gert.
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