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Trades?  hahaha
5-5 x 20.5 x 2.5.  Around 31-32 liters.  Full carbon glassed by Justin Ternes.  FCS Fusion boxes. One repaired ding from shipping along the rail.  Otherwise, excellent condition. Has a unique tail channel not standard to this shape.  NO fins included.  Traction is peeling up a little.  This board would cost you $1000 when new.  $400
Cash, Paypal, or Venmo.  Located in NJ near Belmar/ Manasquan

(sorry, dont know why it changes the orientation of the pics.  Go to the CL link for right side up pics)
Groins? Jettys  are attached to inlets right?

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Never cared much for the term "groins". Groins are attached to thighs and other body parts. A jetty on the other hand is a protruding structure that extend out from.....oh damn, this explanation isn't quite working out....nevermind.  ::)

We often talk about the ocean "being our church" or our other mysto connections to the sea. Since my father passed away three years ago, I connect with him the most when I am alone in the lineup looking out to sea. 

Thanks so much for posting this up.

My Dad passed away 8 years ago already - and what you said rings so perfectly true for me as well. I look for him other places as well, but it's when I'm in the ocean that we "talk" the most.

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Never hooked up with interested party.
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