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6'2" x 18 5/8" x 2 1/4"

From the Rusty website:

BIO: This fleet is the foundation of our performance shortboard family and the object of our team ridersí love. Because this series has evolved almost entirely because of their input, the Pro-ject can compliment an infinite amount of needs.


P-01: Has a rounded square tail thatís flat across the back for quick release. Moderate rocker with triple concave finished with a slight release vee through the tail. Our back-foot oriented Pro-ject.


This board was used once, but I am ordering a slightly taller version to suit me better. There are some very minor pressure dings on the top. The pictures made the board look yellow, but it is bright white. All of the wax has been stripped off so you can see what you're buying. No fins included (needs Futures).

Larger pics here.

I paid $600. It's yours for $450.

Located in upper west Manhattan.

Best way to contact me is by email ([email protected]).

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