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I thought the crotch leak was just my xcel suit... really wakes you up in the morning right?

I can also report that my Whiskey Militia Xcel suit leaked first time out of the box in multiple places (besides the crotch).  I think it was probably a LY model given the timing of the sale and other than the small leaks it didn't have QC issues.

In terms of fit, does anyone know if there is guidance out there on what brand's fit best suits certain body types?

I've always struggled with finding a suit with enough room for my thunder thighs, and/or enough height for my brontosaurus neck in the hood...

Same thing happened to me in LIR jetblue, they opened the bag, counted, and felt around for any hidden boards.  Oh well.
 No problems carrying on fins or leashes though.

Hurricane swell in Nantucket 4-5 years ago.  Waves were big and chunky, and I got denied a couple times trying to get out on the shortboard.  Too much wash.  So, like a couple idiots, my brother and I decide to go out with our fins on to body surf. 

Made it out no problem not having to get a board out there, and I caught a couple big ones.  Having fun, I'm past the breakers maybe 75-100 yards from shore swimming back out after a ride when suddenly a set comes in.  I'm feeling strong with the fins on so I try get out past the peak before it breaks, swimming like crazy for 20-25 yards.  I think I've made it as I tuck under the lip of this set wave but just as I get to it the wave sucks out on the sandbar into a monster and as I'm going under it the lip connects with my feet/Ankles. 

Fins are instantly gone, I'm winded already from the swim, and I'm suddenly weightless, getting pitched backwards flailing around.  First thought: "You are dead, and you are an idiot...".  I manage to stay calm and actually find myself sitting on the sandbar once the wave passes me by.  I push up hard off the bottom and break the surface in plenty of time to see the next one coming for me.  I get my breath, duck under, relax and let it rag doll/push me in with it.  Come up and thankfully the set is over.

Now I'm freaking out because I'm still way out there and the water is moving.  I call to my brother who was nearby and wasn't hit by the peak (I bet he loved watching that thing come for me though...) still having a blast.  I yell something panicked to him about my flippers and swim back towards shore.  He figures out I want him to follow so he catches up to me and guides me in. 

Thankfully the ocean was nice to me and gave me a couple waves to ride back in on, but when I got to shore and just walked up on the beach with no flippers my brother realized why I was freaking out and says "OHHH you lost BOTH flippers....".  I guess he thought I still had one...

Morals of the story: 1) I'm an old out of shape desk jockey... not the 18 year old athlete I used to be.  Know your limits.  2) Don't go out if you can't swim back on your own safely (said in this thread before) 3) Surf with a buddy.  I would have been WAY more freaked out if the same thing happened to me but I was out there alone.

The price might be fair but it is dishonest to call that board "like new" and not mention the damage.

The only interaction I've had with Petro was over e-mail when I asked him about sizing on a Faktion board I was looking to buy used (not from him).  He shot me a very thoughtful answer to my question quickly and politely, and told me to shoot him another e-mail if I had any other questions or to let him know what I thought of the board.  That is called being awesome at customer service.

I didn't end up getting that board, but I'm 100% certain I'll be getting a board from Faktion one day.  Everything I've heard about those boards and their shaper has been positive, and the instagram feed of beautiful creations always kills me.

Just my 2cents...

When I fall I tend to cover my head and face by reaching my hands back and holding the back of my head. I figure it's the best way to avoid getting hit in the head by my board or the bottom.

If I'm falling in shallow water I try to spread out my body (rather than balling up) so I don't penetrate the water as much and to avoid hitting the bottom.

Surfacing its the same as what everyone here says: Relax and wait to get let go.  I realized when I was a kid that I had a perfect record of re-surfacing without incident.  I use that thought now as a comforting thought when I'm getting rag-dolled.   :D

My worst fear isn't really the hold downs in the conditions I surf in, its hitting the sand/rocks/jetties on a fall.
 Nothing like finding yourself laid out flat on the bottom...

The problem with telling stories about how people with leashes have caused damage and using that as proof that leashes are hazardous is that 98% of surfers use leashes... and basically 100% of new surfers.

This means that any time there is a run in with a surfboard, you can say "See that kook was using a leash and their board hit me, leashes are bad".

The same people from the above stories not using a leash would be equally if not more hazardous without them...

We can all agree that a competent surfer maintains control of their board no matter what.  There is never an excuse for putting others in harm's way out there.

Shore Points - Jersey Surf Information / Re: Nausea from cold
« on: March 26, 2013, 10:17:45 PM »
Yepppppp, happens to me any time the water is super cold and I duck dive 3+ waves.  Especially bad if I haven't put my face in the water for a while.  I literally dry heave sometimes if it's bad enough.

Sat was a humbling experience.
yeah thats an understatement ...soo out of shape!

So its not just me.. thank God.
I surfed from 8-10 on Saturday, First surf since December, and first time in anything over 3 feet in about a year and a half. 

I got my ass handed to me.  Blew about 6-8 takeoffs, totally kooked out on a few, really depressed.  Finally, I caught one wave (only one in the whole session...) and it made the entire day worth it.  Just one endless race track... awesome.

Also, first time out to Long beach since Sandy, so I spent some time just looking around and thinking about what that scene must have been like.  Really tough to wrap my head around for sure.

Everyone in the water was friendly and happy though.  Great to get back out there.

Surfing in NH in Jan-Feb-March is probably the coldest conditions I've surfed but...
The coldest I've ever been was definitely the first time I surfed in NE not in the summer... Thanksgiving '04 on Nantucket Island.  I wore an old backzip 3/2 with 5mm gloves, 7 mm boots, and a separate hood.  Overcast, cold ass water, hard offshore winds.  I lasted a bit over two hours, even though the seal between my suit and gloves/boots kept breaking and I would be paddling out with a suit full of ice water. The worst part was: no heat or hot water back at the house (had closed it up for the winter), so I took a cold shower and then curled up on the couch in my winter jacket and a summer throw blanket to try to warm up.  Never been that cold before or since.  I'll never forget that session.
On a separate note, I surfed like a total kook in PUMPING conditions that day.  I really want another shot...

They sell conversion kits as well, although they are 12 bux.
I just picked up a couple power clip conversion kits for the XM leashs (one for me, one for my bro...).  I'll be sure to post my thoughts once I've had a chance to test it out.
Thanks for posting the link to that product SeaCliff.

just got the xm kit.  First of all, it fits my Fcs leash which is nice.

It definitely fits snug.  I am not gonna worry about this thing coming out on its own for sure.

There is a cord to catch the pin if you pull it, but I find that if I wrap it around the ankle cuff as shown on the packaging, it makes it nearly impossible to pull the pin out.  Minor detail, but it would suck to have this thing on and then not have it function.

Overall this item looks great.  Along with wetsuit cement, this is the only surfing item I have that i hope to never need to use, but it's a good 12 bux.

SC if you want to split shipping can you order me 2 of those cuffs?  I'd also like to hear your review of the XM leash although I'd rather not buy a whole new leash right now if I can avoid it.

They sell conversion kits as well, although they are 12 bux.
I just picked up a couple power clip conversion kits for the XM leashs (one for me, one for my bro...).  I'll be sure to post my thoughts once I've had a chance to test it out.
Thanks for posting the link to that product SeaCliff.

I have to say, I just started surfing rock away, and stories like these absolutely terrify me.  I had heard stories about "the sticks" before I ever got out there and all I've been able to think about out there is where I am and where they are.  Touched one today and freaked out a bit.  So scary and so sad when something like this happens. 

I just got back from my first "surf trip" outside the states.  We went to costa rica, and I completely know what you're saying.  Just watching guys on an average day at a nothing beach break was inspiring.  There were local kids ripping off these huge airs on every single wave they took, it was just awesome.
I was just trying to watch and learn some basics, things like doing better bottom turns, barrel riding, and backside top turns.  I've got some things to work on for sure.  It was great.

job = worse at surfing.
really frustrating.  I only really get to surf now every couple months.  But, i'm trying to turn lemons into lemonaid by working out a ton so when I do surf, I'll at least be in the best shape I have ever been in.

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