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Heading up again to York, Maine for this class, lobster rolls,  and weekend surf. Highly recommended if you've never shaped an alaia or paipo:

Jon Wegener, friend and famed finless guru, joins us each year for two days of shaping, surfing and sipping beers as he leads a class at our shop.  For two (usually) glorious autumn days under Jons watchful eye, Jon shares not only the secrets that help you create your own finless masterpiece but also his own uniquely expressed pearls of wisdom. Since we put this class right before our beach demo and party on Saturday Sept 16th, stick around and make a long weekend out of it.  Jon's one of the most genuine and interesting people we know, and his work-hard/play-hard ethos always makes this workshop a special occasion.

XCEL 5/4 Revolt Hooded Suit - $289.  And surprisingly a lot of decent sizes, but they sell out fast.

always get a crotch leak in my xcel winter suits after a year. no matter how much glue i use, i can never stop it. banishing xcel from winter wetsuit quiver.

Wednesday (Sept. 30th) at 7pmPatagonia Bowery
313 Bowery, New York, NY 10003
A night featuring handmade surf craft and art from Jon Wegener & Andy Davis. They'll be showing a short film and some slides as well as hanging out and talking story all night.  Enjoy some brews and check out some rad surfboards.

This case is amazing and super watertight. I've taken it out on head high surf, lost it in the water and it's fine. Get a floaty lanyard to tie to it so it will float in the water. you can also buy a mount to make it compatible with mounting on the gopro mounts if that's your deal.
 This is for a iPhone 4 or 4s ONLY!!!!!!
 I have a 5s now, so I don't need it.
 You download the watershot app separately and free. the app allows you to operate the camera and video in the water.

this was lido on friday at 6pm. much better bigger waves than this there and further out, just snapped it quickly before running  in.

FYI below....

5/31-6/3- Patagonia

Course Description:
Patagonia Bowery, NYC

May 31st- June 3rd, 2014

Since the early days of Grain, we’ve admired, looked up to and in some ways emulated the values that the good people at Patagonia have taught us. We’ve read the books, listened to the words and tried to lead an examined life. We’ve also always dreamed of working with Patagonia in some way… and now it’s happening, and you can be a part of it.

We’re so proud and excited to bring our 4-day class to Patagonia’s newest surf store in the Bowery, NYC. Six students will be building their own wooden surfboard right in the basement of the store, which also happens to be the former CBGB’s. If only those walls could talk. We’re also happy to say that a small portion of the income from this class will be going to 1% for the Planet.

You can count on the same experience you’d get by coming here to Maine including two delicious meals a day, the full course of instruction, and each student leaves at the end with a board ready-to-glass. The tuition’s a bit more for our traveling classes to cover the cost of us getting there, but students living locally avoid the cost of traveling to Maine and cost of lodging.

many of the "hipsters" or youth you digihate on volunteered through various programs to help with clean up efforts for hurricane sandy victims.

put in some volunteer work, it's good for your soul. then get a pinch more inspired on trying a road trip up to Mass, RI, or Maine for a new wave. will try RI next weekend if that little turkey day bump stays up there. we'll get our waters back in time.

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