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Heard from a friend that the water is dirty and people are getting sick out there after the replenishment. Anyone else experiencing this?
yep, it's a turd fest. everyone post your staph infections!


newish DHD. Surfed only a couple times, no dings.  6'1 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4. i can give some am-2 fcs fins, but one is busted.

Newish DHD. Surfed only a couple times, no dings.  6'1 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4

Heading up again to York, Maine for this class, lobster rolls,  and weekend surf. Highly recommended if you've never shaped an alaia or paipo:

Jon Wegener, friend and famed finless guru, joins us each year for two days of shaping, surfing and sipping beers as he leads a class at our shop.  For two (usually) glorious autumn days under Jons watchful eye, Jon shares not only the secrets that help you create your own finless masterpiece but also his own uniquely expressed pearls of wisdom. Since we put this class right before our beach demo and party on Saturday Sept 16th, stick around and make a long weekend out of it.  Jon's one of the most genuine and interesting people we know, and his work-hard/play-hard ethos always makes this workshop a special occasion.

I've heard excellent things about maritime. Quick and solid repairs.

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agreed, maritime has most solid ding repair i've seen in a while. turnaround time, quality, and cost.

XCEL 5/4 Revolt Hooded Suit - $289.  And surprisingly a lot of decent sizes, but they sell out fast.

always get a crotch leak in my xcel winter suits after a year. no matter how much glue i use, i can never stop it. banishing xcel from winter wetsuit quiver.


Jon's class in York, Maine is coming up next month. I go every year, and it's always a great time. This also leads into the weekend with the Surf Re-Evolution Festival, which is a great day of beers, food, surf, movies, lectures and music. You can also camp on the farm if you are taking the class. Just wanted to pass it on, if anyone interested.

from last year:

just heads up for those interested, grain is coming to town
Patagonia's a leader in showing how to run a successful business that also has values.  We'll be drinking the kool-aid way, way downtown in NYC at Patagonia Bowery Store.  Join us.
You can count on the same experience you’d get by coming here to Maine including two delicious meals a day, the full course of instruction, and each student leaves at the end with a board ready-to-glass. The tuition’s a bit more for our traveling classes to cover the cost of us getting there, but students living locally avoid the cost of traveling to Maine and cost of lodging.
 What You Get
Students will have their choice of building any shape we offer as a HomeGrown Kit. Each student takes home his/her own board home ready for glassing and finishing on their own. Materials used in the board and those to be taken home with the student are the same as used in Grain Home Grown kits – sustainably grown cedar, zero VOC bio-epoxy, etc. The cost of all materials, supplies and selected pages of detailed instruction on glassing and finishing ($520- $820 value) are included in the course. The glassing supplies are also included as is use of all of the tools needed during the class. We'll even throw in a home-cooked breakfast and lunch as part of the tuition. Students are responsible for their own dinner costs as well as accommodations, although we’re happy to recommend some nice places around the area.
 What You learn
Two Grain board builders will be available to guide students through the easy step-by-step process to ensure that each board that leaves the class will be a beautiful one-of-a-kind surfboard that will last a lifetime. We will learn basic surfboard design concepts, the simple application of steam to manipulate wood into shapes, adhesive applications, elements of edge tool work, glassing and effective use of epoxy. We will do our best to arrange glassing demonstrations in the evenings to help students with the techniques they will use if glassing at home. To streamline this class to four days, some initial prep work will be done by us before you arrive.
We know this class will fill quickly, so please call or email to reserve your shaping stand soon.

My only big gripe with xcels are that every single suit, bar none, get crotch leak after a handful of sessions. Not a big deal on a 3/2, but is a big deal in a 5/4. So, you end up having to practically buy a new suit every season. I'm kind of amazed that it seems like this have not been addressed in the last 3-5 years. You would think they would know, and fix it at this point.
this is total truth and why i won't buy a 5/4 xcel moving forward.

sick. any idea of the volume?

sorry, i don't know


6'1" X 19.5" X 2.5" Hess Surfboards Banjo, 5 fin set up, Futures.
 Comes with signature series Clay Marzo Futures Tri Fin set up
 The banjo is a fuller outline shortboard design. Relaxed entry rocker and a bit more tail rocker than your everyday shortboard, create a board with good paddle and quick in the pocket responsiveness. I recommend riding this shape at least a couple inches shorter than your everyday shortboard.
 Poplar deck and Cork rails, Recycled EPS core
 This board is from Hess Surfboards based out of San Francisco, CA
 The board has a very strong construction, zero pressure dings. The nose paint is slightly scuffed. A little more weight then your average board, but the benefit is that it cuts through chop like butter, and also pushes down the face better on bulk days with strong winds. Currently at Patagonia Bowery if you want to check it out.


The Uses of Infrared Thermography to Evaluate the Effects of Climatic Variables in Bull's Reproduction.
Menegassi SR1, Pereira GR2, Dias EA3, Koetz C Jr4, Lopes FG4, Bremm C5, Pimentel C6, Lopes RB1, da Rocha MK1, Carvalho HR1, Barcellos JO1.

The objective of this study was to evaluate the seasonal effects of the environment on sperm quality in subtropical region determined by temperature and humidity index (THI). We used 20 Brangus bulls (5/8 Angus × 3/8 Nellore) aged approximately 24 months at the beginning of the study. Semen evaluations were performed twice per season during 1 year. Climate THI data were collected from an automatic weather station from the National Institute of Meteorology. Infrared thermography images were used to determine the temperature of the proximal and distal poles of the testis to assess the testicular temperature gradient (TG). The seasonal effects on seminal and climatic variables were analyzed with ANOVA using MIXED procedure of SAS. Sperm motility in spring (60.1 %), summer (57.6 %), and autumn (64.5 %) showed difference compared to winter (73.0 %; P < 0.01). TG was negatively correlated with THI at 18 days (spermiogenesis) (-0.76; P < 0.05) and at 12 days (epididymal transit) (-0.85; P < 0.01). Ocular temperature (OcT) had a positive correlation with THI at 18 days (0.78; P < 0.05) and at 12 days (0.84; P < 0.01). Motility showed a negative correlation with THI only at 18 days (-0.79; P < 0.05). During spermiogenesis, the TG had higher negative correlation compared to OcT (-0.97; P < 0.01) and rectal temperature (-0.72; P < 0.05). Spermatozoa with distal midpiece reflex were correlated with THI during transit epididymis (0.72; P < 0.05). Seminal parameters are not affected when THI reaches 93.0 (spermiogenesis) and 88.0 (epididymal transit). We concluded that infrared thermography can be adopted as an indirect method in order to assess the effect of environmental changes in TG and OcT of Brangus bulls.
Bulls; Environmental changes; Infrared thermography; Semen quality

if i don't fix this i'm dippin' dots ice cream

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