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Clean energy:
Hawaii has an 80% renewable portfolio mandate set for 2030, which means 20% fossil fuels with the balance of power generated by wind, solar, geo and wave power. Then there is smart grid (scaling power demand & supply via software) and fuel cells (collecting wind/wave power and delivering it into the grid). This industry is where the jobs are going to be for the balance of this century.

Sorry, but a mandate does not create policy...just because there is a goal doesn't mean there is the means to reach that goal (especially in Hawaii).  Also, after having worked as an engineer in Hawaii: Hawaiian bosses are very stern about when you show up to work and letting you go out and about.  Most of the people who can surf as they cando some sort of freelance or evening work; definitely not engineering.

I am a part of a ski club and the number of people who have come to our lodge has declined in recent years and even last year when there was great conditions.  It is just way too expensive.  I googled some historical ski lift prices...and as an example (multiply by 5 to get today's prices).  Skiing was a third of the cost in 1971...

Breckenridge 71/72 season:[/size]Lift tickets:*adult -- $6*child (12 and under) -- $2.50*senior (65 and over) -- $2.50*season pass, individual -- $125*season pass, family -- $300 up to 4, $40 per addl family memberSki school:*full-day class -- $7*1-hr private -- $10Rentals:*epoxy skis -- $5.50*children's skis -- $2.50Nursery*full day -- $4.00*half day -- $2.50[/color]

For those of you who are interested in environmental science and the oceans, EPA will be conducting free tours provided by scientists from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (including myself) at Riverbank State Park in Manhattan, Amphitheater Monday, June 13th, Tuesday, June 14th, Friday, June 17th and Saturday, June 18th from 10am 4 pm.

Tours are open to the general public. (If bringing a group of 10+, please contact Jennifer May at [email protected]/ 212-637-3658 so that we can schedule a private tour for yo...u.) Be sure to wear sensible shoes onboard the vessel (no heels). Women are advised not to wear a skirt or dress since there is stair climbing involved during the tour. Go to to learn more about the ship.

The tour takes place on the ship, but the ship does not leave the dock during the tour.

Directions: The closest subway is the 1 train at 145th Street in Manhattan. 145th Street is also served by the A, C and D subways and M4, M5, M11, and Bx19 buses. Enter the park at 145th St. and Riverside Drive. Follow the main park path to the river, passing the carousel on your right. Take the elevator or stairs to the amphitheater level.

So if you can't make it to Rock, Stock and Barrels, or if you have free time on Tuesday and Friday, hopefully you can come up to Northern Manhattan instead. 

I looked at a few other docu-reports from the Ledger...interesting stuff. Well done.

Everybody is a beginner in something at some point, and surfing is not easy at all...I don't know what the answer is, and I totally know where the attitude is coming from-but I am not totally cool with it-it is sort of negative.  I just wish we could be more supportive of beginners and intermediates who get it and are considerate and able while not having every jackass who is reckless and a menace out there.  At times I feel that I should be wearing full body armor at NS3 and a vision system that looks behind me and to the sides.  I do not want to be RoboSurfer out there.
Do we need a posse like North Shore Oahu, keeping people in line?  Do we need surf permits with a class...similar to hunting or fishing permits?  I dunno...I sort of like the freedom from all this BS, but I value my safety and well-being more.
However, the problem with NS3 is that nobody can park on the west side of Rockaway, and NJ towns have all sorts of restrictions.  So everybody goes to NS3!  If beach access is restricted due to fees and parking regulations in some areas but not in others, this is the consequence.  The Right Coast is so amazingly screwed up in that regard...the taxpayer pays for the services, beach replenishment, FEMA insurance subsidies, but then can't enjoy the beach.

At times, I cannot even board the 6 train at rush hour, and I am 5'8".  At worst, 4 trains pass, and I am able to get on.  Fit a surfboard on the 6 train at rush hour?  Common sense, until the T train is built, fugetaboutit.

I can understand the argument for the jetties being beneficial, and thanks for the insightful posts.  Not entirely sold on the argument, but that will take a specialist studying the beach.  But if they remain, then they should be replaced.  If the City can afford a new Shea stadium and Yankee stadium, they could spare a few tens thousand dollars to replace hazardous and delapidated infrastructure.

My prayers goes towards Chuck and his family.
At the very least the Parks Department could put a flagpole on the beach where the jetties are...or a buoy at the end of the deathsticks.  They don't care unless they get sued or embarrassed.  And with as much indifference there is to major problems in this City, I doubt that anybody outside of the surfing community is going to care who gets hurt because he voluntarily chooses to go into the water.  And after working with beach cleanups, I don't have positive feelings towards the Park department and, beyond some really good employees, the majority of the staff.  The deathsticks need to be removed or rebuilt as a groin.
There are always people with cameras on the beach during larger days...I hope this gets filmed one day and on the news as a breaking story.  Otherwise, it would be great if we were able to raise funds to install something to demarcate the deathsticks if they are not to be removed.

Just saw this, and was pretty amazed.  There is evidently waste coming out of the landfill, which has created bottle beach at the base of the landfill where it meets the water.   Nathan Kensinger has some cool photo essays on the not so glamorous/industrial side of the New York area as well.

The current tests take 24 hours to see the results, PCR tests are coming which would have a 3 hour turn around time.  Bacterial levels are highly variable, even if the water quality exceeds the standard, you won't be likely to know until after you get into the water.  The good news is that NJ and NY are pretty aggressive in terms of locating broken sewer pipes and fixing problems.  The bad news is that there are storm overflows from the combined sewers.  Common sense: don't swim immediately after a storm and don't swim in an area where there are a lot of waterfowl (big poop potential).  Otherwise, things are pretty good, even compared to Hawaii.

I personally wear earplugs, because I am prone to ear infections.

How about opening up a surf bag check business at Rock on weekends?  Sounds like a money maker...unless the cops arrest you for that too.  The funny thing, this is the closest they have come to giving people tickets for littering.

Wow, I knew it was a big issue, but didn't know that this was such a big issue in the Pacific. 2.5% of all plastic is incredibly huge, and I am wondering if there are such gyres in other oceans.   

Guys, some of you might know this, but I will be going to work for the Hawaiian Department of Health on water quality issues for 2-4 years in March.  We will be looking at changing some of the standards, and primarily working on water quality studies. I am sort of interested to look further into this, so if you could send me information please do so.

I think that "Floatables" is a big issue.  There is no set standard for coastal waters for a number of locations, and New York has delisted floatables from the 303(d) list (identifies impairments, or water bodies not meeting water because they are doing other measures (such as skimming the waters).  The only major Floatables TMDL that I know is for Los Angeles (Total Maximum Daily Load-a study of water quality and how to meet water quality standards by allocating loads to point and non-point sources). See Floatables, such as plastic, is difficult to deal with.  Anyway, I really do think this is a really important issue, and maybe worth working in conjunction with the SWIM coalition (Stormwater Infractructure Matters)

There are a lot of organizations throught the Hudson and NY Harbor watershed collaborating on this issue.


I am moving to Hawaii for work at the end of the month (awesome)!  I'll be missing NYC and r0ck...but on to warmer waters.  So a room will be available on March 1 in our apartment in Bay Ridge.  It really is a sweet location for parking space in the back with plenty of patio space and easy access to a huge basement to stow your boards and other toys.  Plus it is a 3 minute drive to either the Belt or the Verrazano Bridge.  The apartment is large and it is a new building, and the rent is reasonable.  The room is a little smallish (10'*10' + closet), but there is plenty of space in the place.  I think it is a sweet deal.  Please PM me or give me a call at 551-358-0756 if you are interested.

Here is the Craigslist spiel about the place:

My roommates are looking for a responsible, non-smoking professional male or female to share a 6 yr old ground floor 3-Br 2-Ba apartment in a triplex.  You will have your own bedroom and share one large bathroom. The room that available is 10'*10' and includes a closet. You can bring your own furniture, the rest of the apartment is nicely furnished and fairly spacious. There is a living/study room, a spacious modern kitchen with a dining area which has marble countertops, dishwasher, and stainless steel appliances. What definitely sets this apartment apart from others is that there is a huge, airy basement where you can store your stuff and includes our own washer and dryer.
The apartment is located on a quiet, clean and very safe residential street close to great shopping, restaurants, a park, tennis courts and a public golf course. 2 min drive to the I-278 on-ramp and 7 blocks to the express bus to downtown and midtown and R line plus half a block to Brooklyn buses.
The two roommates are a professional male early 30s and a professional female mid-20s.  We are fairly outgoing, social, try to get outdoors a fair amount on the weekends, we are also not too loud and pretty laid back.
Shared expenses include Heat/Electric, Cable TV and Internet, and bi-weekly maid service (app. $150/mo). The room will be available February 1st. New roommate will sign one year lease.  Credit and background check required ($50). We will give preference to individuals who are able to visit the apartment.

Photos at

Rage Virus??!?? I thought that Godzilla-and all of those other monster movies-was born from the effects from toxic pollution.  Not from trees and bacteria that decompose toxic organic compounds.  Get your horror movie scenarios straight!

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: cereal?
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3/4 Cheerios or Corn Flakes and 1/4 granola

Cheerios and Flakes are good, but sort of boring.  Granola adds pizzazz and some crunch.

Also the Honey Bunches of Oats or the Kashi are good too.

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