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I've been in California for 7 years now. You can find a waist high+ wave with no crowds 365 days a year. I'll go to Malibu mid week in the winter and there are still 100 people out. A little further north and you can surf by yourself. However, I have surfed Lowers twice in the past few weeks after work with under 10 guys and it was chest high and glassy.

I'm a fairly easy drive to Mammoth. A 50 minute flight to Tahoe, a 2 hour flight to Denver or Telluride and I'm halfway to Hawaii.

Real Estate prices suck. Like really suck. A house in Compton is more expensive than LBNYNOTCA. It's dumb.

Weather is great from July-April.

Traffic sucks my ahole, but I don't leave the bubble of the South Bay or the West Side unless I have to be in our Irvine office or if I am going surfing before the sun comes up.

For all the brown trout native Californians get about being douches, its really just the flyover state transplants. Lots of good people from the east coast and lots of good people that were born and raised out here. Those flyover state people move to the beach and for whatever reason now think they rule the world.

After 6 years I found a bagel place that is legit. Just as good, if not better than most of the stuff on LI.

Pizza is still missing. Couple of really good places for "pizza" if you go with an open mind of not expecting an NY slice.

The only thing I miss are friends, family and rain. We go home a few times a year. The wife started out the first few years going home for 4-6 weeks in the summer now we go home for 10 days and she misses being here. We've made a lot of great friends and home is now here.

I commute 15-30 minutes in the car each way depending on traffic, but never have to touch the LIRR or a freeway to get there. My wife works a mile from our townhouse. She goes home for lunch a lot and got a pretty significant raise compared to what she was getting at an LI school district.

We go home to NY in the summer and always say we miss it, we go home to NY in the winter and wonder why people live there.

I'd never rule out a move back to NY, but it'd have to be a pretty big opportunity that would allow me to retire much earlier than living out here so I can move to Haiku earlier on a couple of acres with chickens and goats and fruit trees and a big 'ol garden.

I'm sure he has a few friends on this board so out of respect for them I wont call him a farking idiot.


I have them. They're pretty cool! One side feels like it fits a little better than the other, but I blame the shape of my head.
haha. same thing for me. I use a small in one ear and a medium in the other. seems to work pretty well.

I believe setting 3 is kook mount. Its for everyone not named Shane Dorian that puts a gopro on the front of their board.


Anyone have one that they are looking to part with. Coffin or padded single/double bag? Shoot me a PM.  Thanks!

surfer 1 should head straight to Lowes and buy a chain saw. Cut boards of #'s 2-7 in half. Then proceed to cut surfers 2-7 in half. Surfer 1 goes to jail, surfers 2-7 are dead and help solve overcrowding issue. Seems like a win-win for the guys out the back.

Medina has got the claim down. Easy drop in to stall to a small pinching barrel. not sure how anyone can say that it wasnt overscored. Highest wave score of the heat and I dont even think that was his best wave. That was an 8.5 plus a 1+ claiming point.

I make nice cotton board bags for your typical dark colored boards that delam at the sight of the sun. Maybe I'm not charging enough for them, then again I've never charged.

my 125 pound Dogue de Bordeaux had her left acl done by LI Vet Specialists in Plainview 6 years ago. Key is to keep the weight off that leg as much as possible. After the surgery get your dog a Big Barker bed and anytime they need to go out make sure you've got a sling to walk them with to keep all that weight off the ground. Try to avoid walking or running in sand.

If i remember correctly it was around $3700 or so plus a bunch more for meds and what not. If you can afford it the quality of life for you dog will be exponentially better if you get it fixed right. Insurance would have only covered about $800 or so if we had it at the time.

Shes almost 10 now and even though arthritis in her back legs are ridiculous( somewhat expected for an XL dog) she still chases squirrels in the backyard. Last year she started to slow down a bit, but she runs like a rhino. Pretty sure God threw her a bone and dropped a retarded squirrel in our backyard 2 summers ago. She caught him on 3 separate occasions with a swat to the head. and then laid next to it until it ran off. Weird.

Good luck!

I would love to try the Lovelace hu
lls one day

next time you are out here you can grab either one. I bet the 7' will have too much foam for you even though it's bladed out, but you will love the 6'4

10'1 CooperDesigns- Malibu Foil
9'9 Hunt Heavyweight
9'6 Cooperfish Hornet
9'4 Cooperfish Hornet
9'4 Rusty Ted Robinson Pro Model
7'2 locally shaped egg
7' Lovelace Hull
6'6 Rawson step up
6'4 Lovelace Carbon Hull
6'3 Natures Shapes 80's quad

various beaters, handplanes, fins, bodyboards etc.

well i put over 10, but then re-read the poll question and changed it to zero.  Since Jan. 1 im at 31 days but none of them have been in NY or NJ. hope you guys are enjoying the snow!

got a new to me Coop Hornet. picking it up in the morning. Boomsauce

Montauk: No one goes there anymore, its too crowded.

Also Lunada is a joke. just threaten them back when they say they'll kick your ass. I'm from NYC, I'm gonna kick your ass, then have my way with your wife and if you still give me brown trout ill shoot you. It's not like the people that are threatening you are scary. It's basically the equivalent of someone from Cold Spring Harbor or Sands Point giving you brown trout while they put on their khakis and get into their Volvo.

That doesnt work anywhere else in California though cause people will be crazier than you.

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