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is the feed working for anyone? I thought it started 15mins ago; but I see nothing

Since they've already abandoned the tower at CB, it looks like they've essentially called it for Restaurants, in which case they should stop calling it the backup wave. Both waves are in ideal circumstances, whichever you chose to surf is not the backup wave.

If they do surf restaurants, everyone is going to be craning their necks and having FOMO and constant second-guessing.

ha! funny to see this post again. Fortunately, i went for gold, which has doubled since then. and also anheuser beusch which was briefly at $14 before being gobbled up by the stella artois machine.

gold and alcohol offset my idiologically motivated investments in green energy and various companies that I actually want to succeed.

Now trying to find a good index of water companies. there are a few strong ones in the UK that won't sell to americans.

Anyone know of fund/index that is betting on water filtration, desalination etc (broadly, as a win industry)?

Hello All,

My best friend is going to be spending a couple weeks in Guatemala (around Guat city) in December. He's just learning how to surf and will be on a budget, not shoestring; but nothing too nice.

Can anyone recommend a spot/surfcamp/establishment that takes good care of inexperienced surfers? Ideally, the shorter the travel time from Guat city, the best.

Thanks for helping me to steer my friend in the right direction. (I'll be standing by to answer your AFrica-centric inquiries)

Whoah! Where'd you find the image? What are they claiming as a location?

wouldnt be a contest day without Owen Wilson getting overscored

ha, I know Owen Wilson surfs; but I didn't think he was on the World Tour  :o

That other Owen, though, he rips.

Would any of you all pay for the webcasts? How much? I think just lower purses are the ticket. This limitless growth sh*t cannot happen and a little downturn is perfectly fine. Keeps the waves a little emptier and these athletes can still make their livings. Did anyone really want this to go all sports illustrated with lame ass mainstream sponsors like LandRover and Pepsi?

self-employment in development work with a mixed bag of specialities of particular relevance to uncrowded coastal regions with solid surf

They made it clear that most of the wildcards would get no points towards WCT qualifiction; but they definitely didn't say they'd be surfing for free.

Any news on this?

Any news on the beatdown, thieving and gossip?


That was entertaining for a while.

i agree. totally worth a listen.
the mix is hilarious

ah. okay. i can stop trying to update every different flash player and browser component then. hope they sort it out soon--it was pretty high quality yesterday; but I'm interested in today.

anyone else having trouble with the feed now? like it's stuck on yesterday's content?

this will more than compensate for how completely boring the Haleiwa contest was

Started on a 7'6" minimal at 25
Stepped down to a chippy 6'7" mini-mini-gun at 26 (total mistake)
Learned heaps from a 9'0" longboard and a very thick/fat 5'10" fish for my late twenties
Arrived by way of 15 intermediary shortboards at a rather bouyant 6'0" thruster and a  not so bouyant quad 5'10" at about age 30.
Now stepped up to a 7'1' mini-gun and we'll see how that goes next week when our deepwater point break gets slammed by 5' at 18seconds.

There are round trip tickets from many European capitals for less than $100 on Ryanair

this means that it is *epically crowded*--it also means that you might want to look into a cheap flight to europe and a separate round trip ticket to morroco

as with most places, the further you move away from the comforts, the greater your chance of waves.

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