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that looks like those classic ocean beach photos, just with not enough hill.

thanks for sharing the photos! Looks super rough. Good luck all!

I wonder if anyone has found high quality resources about minimalizing vulnerability to, or the impact of umbilical hernias--the mid-abdominal type?

Surfing doesn't seem to be too much of an aggravation since even as we backbend, our abdomen's are usually planted on the board; but during cross-training for surf, I find that keeping in mind a hernia-vulnerability is a total drag and it's proven difficult to find consistent or clear advice anywhere I've looked online. Also, most MDs I've seen are just like, "don't lift anything heavy and eventually have surgery." not impressed.


Yo, my knee is also fuc#ed. I had surgery 12 years ago to remove a lot of the meniscus in the left knee and have avoided high impact stuff since then and tried to keep it strong. I sort of blew it sideways on a barrel attempt not long ago and then got slammed on the reef the next day, making me limp away from the same leg for a week, which brought the knee to an unprecedented level of weakness.

What I'm finding that works well is super thoroughly designed fitness routines for strengthening and stretching everything around the knee. So, at the moment, I'm going back and forth between a Bikram yoga sequence and the plyometrics and legs and back sections of p90x.

Make no mistake: I sort of hate both of these resources. But i'm noticing gains in strength and flexibility in my knee that are WAY WAY faster than any of the more fun, swim, surf and cycle stuff that I would do.

Give it a shot. anatomy fiends know something about strength.

totally laborious, fiddly and toxic undertaking. not unless their is global economic collapse and shipping collapse and everything else will I make a second effort. better to benefit the people that are trying to make their livelihood in the process. unless you likely fiddly crafty things. then it's great. like, Mark E's crazy hollow wooden boards are great; but I've got a better chance of building a warp drive than turning out something that smooth.

I hear that, Homestar.

And I'm definitely only trusting ETF's with money that I need to access within the next few years. The better hedge definitely seems like owning precious metals as universally recognized currency. I can sell gold in any country in Africa, often at the airport . . . not so much with paper money.

Especially with QE infinity, goldbugs seem more and more sensible.

does anyone else find it dull to watch the surfing at Trestles?

I know it's supposed to be the highest performance surfing, the most technical, etc. but is that because the wave is the slowest, fattest, least impressive to watch?

Even the highlights/slides etc. seem to lack force and it's so rarely big. I try watching most of the contests at whatever time of night on a live feed; but i find it hard to give a shist about trestles.

So, I always enjoy the financial threads in here. I want to know if anyone's heard of this rumor that China is planning to create a gold-backed currency?

Seems like an absolutely brilliant (brutal) thing for them to do and may be part of why precious metals are climbing (one of a small number of things i track).

Whatchu all finance peoples thinking?

Yeah. Thanks for the information nonetheless. My friends are really torn up about this.

This is a bit of a long shot, I realize, but the wife of a one-time Rockaway surfer has two close friends missing during a dangerous climb in Peru. They're looking to get in contact with anyone whose got wings down there. I know some of you have surfed down there pretty often . . . any connects? Here's the request in not my words:
My friend, Ben, and his friend Gil, went to attempt a first ascent on the south face of Palcaraju Oeste in Peru and have been missing for over 5 days now.
 A search team found Ben and Gil's tent, followed tracks up the glacier to the base of the route (a 800 m face of steep snow and ice), and spotted tracks on the descent ridge at about 5,800 m. That's all they know so far.
 Friday morning, they plan to take a satellite image of the 5800m mark (at Lat: 922'19.71"S; Long: 7723'4.67"W), and to have a group on foot climb the ridge to the 5,800m mark. (It may be too dangerous to proceed, since the ridge does have a section of very broken glacier.)
 They desperately need to do a flyover of the area ASAP, but haven't been able to find a plane, despite major efforts to do so. If you know anyone in Peru who could lend or rent a plane, please contact Liora (202) 558-8346 ;[email protected]
 Please forward this message. You may know someone who can help.I know the surf connect is meager. But this community is the only one I know who might be able to link them up with a pilot/plane.

Thanks all.

yeah. that was lame. but it's live now.

wow. those are great conditions, glassy overhead barrels. i tuned in for 60 seconds and saw like 4 excellent rides. thanks for the link

any news on raoni? he alright? it seems like his energy was a big part of why they called it

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