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So, planning to move so that I'm pretty much living on the Uluwatu/Bingin stretch and generally planning to ramp up my daily surf intensity a bit beyond what I'm used to.

Was thinking about donning a helmet, at least for some of the early weeks, while I get my shallow reef nerves in a row.

It seems like Gath sort of have this market on lockdown, no? (

Anything I should know, special considerations? (Paging Tommy)

yeah. picked it up at canggu. cleaned it, used all the right creams and stuff. as these bumps/blisters spread from one hand to the next the doctor prescribed cipro. i self-prescribed doxycycline, which seems to have done the trick. 200mg a day for 7 days now.

somehow, i'd never surfed over coral before and totally underestimated the nature/intensity of the infection. thanks for the thoughts. and, yeah . . . Ebola's a bit grimmer. but my friends in Robertsport say the surf's firing and the waves are less crowded than ever ::)


I got a 1/4 inch little scrape, bailing out over a shallow coral reef, just enough to open the skin.

24 hours later (and despite putting antiseptic 2x), the wound is red and swollen with little bumps starting to develop in a 2" radius around the wound.

48 hours later those bumps are spread twice as wide and are showing up on my other, non-wounded hand.

I seek treatment and get calamine lotion and antibiotic cream.

But now, 72 hours later, I see the bumps spreading further along both hands, down past the wrist and itching.


Any tricks for rooting out coral infections? I went to the best clinic in Bali for this diagnosis and I feel like they may have been too relaxed.

nevermind, got it sorted.


Hey all,

Anybody available to help pick up a bag tomorrow afternoon (Wednesday)? It's the last bag of our evacuation!

Thanks so much.


Also, we now live in Bali. So if you hook us up, maybe you gotta place to crash sometime down the line  8)

We are now looking for someone to help on Wednesday afternoon. In case that works better for anyone's schedule.

(I accidentally posted this in a less-viewed board first. Just doubling up here in case the wider audience can lend a hand)

Hey Crew,

My wife and I, who many of you know, are leaving Senegal because of the spread of Ebola in West Africa. Because we have already left the country, friends from our surf community are helping us to evacuate our belongings.

We always surfed with a bunch of the Delta pilots and they'll be bringing three suitcases of our most important possessions back to JFK/NYC this Friday the 19th in the afternoon.

We need somebody to meet the pilots, collect the bags and take them via taxi to my wife's sister in Queens.

We tried putting this up on taskrabbit and recruiting people who don't know us; but I think they were sketched out. I literally packed the bags via webcam with my Danish neighbor who runs the Ngor Island surf camp and these pilots have a lot of integrity.

We're happy to pay somebody $100 plus the taxi fair to Queens (about 35 minutes from JFK, towards Laguardia).

If any of you know us and would be willing to help; we'd be so grateful. Leaving Senegal in these conditions sucks. Just like it sucks watching our community in Liberia in free fall.

Please send me a PM if you're able to help.


I'm not a fan of killing sharks or of making them sound extra scary. And I like this image and think it's funny. But the annual shark death count is the *biggest pile of bullshit* ever.

People are getting eaten by sharks every month in the reefs off East Africa (Somalia especially). Do you think that their deaths are tabulated? We barely know how many women are dying in child-birth in low income countries, do you think someone is tracking all the dirt poor fishermen who get unlucky? Is there a community worker gathering data about their children who may not even have birth certificates or national id?

You may have noticed a bit of news about surfers getting chowed at Reunion island (j-flo's home). That made headlines because the victims were surfers in a famous place. Do you think that no other people were eaten or attacked on Reunion island that year . . . maybe farther from the media spotlight? In Liberia, the fishermen would tell us about people drowning and being eaten and those folks, for sure, weren't in the reckoning.

This figure is supposed to calculate your risk of getting eaten by a shark someplace where rich people always swim and where media isn't afraid to tread. But if you travel to surf in more exotic locations, take it with a grain of salt. It isn't even close to accurate.

"Shantaram" will keep you busy for a few commutes.

Thanks for that link. I can't find where to lower the resolution. It's way too hi-def for West Africa. Come on Redbull, kill the effin' twitter feed.

anyone having trouble loading the feed? It should be on now, right?

loads of upsets, not too many lulls. worth a watch.

any news on the fire in breezy? is it under control or still taking out houses? I've got a homeowner friend out there who is looking for any fresh info.

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