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Asking for a friend who moved here.  Let me know if you want to unload your beater for a few hundo.  thanks!

Hi all.  We are moving and helping the owner find new tenants.  This place is great for surfers.  Owner is very cool,  lives in California and never a bother.  Surf is 1/2 block down the street.  Outside patio and bbq area.

2 bed 1 bath.  Kitchen.  Washer Dryer.  A/C. 

$2200 plus utilities or $2400 all in
Figured Id share it here since I think its unreal location and sad we wont be living this close to surf anymore. 
Hit me up  [email protected]

Mitchell Ave


Air, ground and sea. Far flung destinations put your travel gear to the test. Our World Traveler collection was born out of the need for bomber gear to handle the adventure of getting there. This surfboard bag features first-of-its-kind 3/4-inch sidewall padding for impact protection where you need it most. It holds up to four boards with padded dividers and 3/8-inch padding top and bottom. Built-in lash points make for secure tie-down on roof racks for the path less traveled.

Anyone have one laying around they are willing to part with for cash?  Has to be able to fit 9'6" boards so a 10 foot bag would be ideal.  Thanks!


Would be great if some of us can volunteer since its our backyard.  Im told they need more volunteers.   I signed up for "deep water"  thats where your in the water with fins on helping push them into waves.  Pick whichever item you want to help on.   As far as teams just say no team,  unless you know anyone who is paralyzed and attending and is on a team.

Trust me,  this shiz is more stoke than you will ever get on any wave. 

Make us proud NY!

Not that anyone should ever care what anyone else thinks.  Surfing has a alot to do with style...sometimes.  Sometimes it has to do with whatever works best for YOU. 

I thought it be fun to hear opinions.  Although blasphemy I am seriously considering putting this on a new longboard.  I had it in the past on a hobie for ten years and it was unreal, surfed that board better than any other board,  and the benefit of traction pad verse wax is numerous.   No wax, no mess,  no melting, no melting in your storage bag, no sand pickup, no ripping out chest hair, no mess in your car, home etc.  No changing the wax when its old.  No changing the wax type for the season.  No forgetting your wax.   Adds an extra layer of protection from pressure dents and from racking on a car/bike.  Adds float (read paddle).  So ugly but so functional.   

And isnt the point to do what you want and whatever gets you surfing your best. 

Hey all,  I am located in LBNY.  I have a 9'2" Dakine World traveler sick bag but just a lil small for my 9'6" Longboards.

Wondering if anyone wants to get rid of theirs.  No rush just throwing it out there.   Can do cash or trade bags.


I think its the 10" will check later. color is grey. unused, new.[/size]"The Heritage is built for those who are most interested in longboarding in the style of past eras... Leaning way back and pivoting from the tail, finding that perfect trim, and getting locked in on the nose.Our tribute to what Bing & Rick brought to surfboards a long time ago, this fin falls into the category of being an 'instant classic.' This template is perfectly at home on traditional style longboards and heavy square tails.Step way back, drop knee turn, cross-step, noseride, repeat..."

just not for me :( 


Bought recently at Unsound. Used once!  Just to try it.  Impulse buy but its too small for me.  It really is a gem. So nice.   Oh well thats how it goes. 
 6'6"  22.25 wide. 2 5/8 thick. 40 liters. 
what online says:
 Paddles really well.  Handles small to large surf.  Squash/thumb tail, Channel bottom, Tri Fin FCS2 fin system, speed (sanded) finish Top and Bottom, full uv glass pigment, CoreVac Vac Bag Technology by A J Finnan. CoreVac vacuum bagging makes this board lighter, stronger, and more responsive than most on the market. Expect to get at least twice the life out of this beautiful board compared to conventionally manufactured surfboards
 Shop price is around $745
 This is a brand new board in 100% excellent condition in a bag protected. If this looks like a shape you would like then you are scoring.
 Comes with fins. those awesome new cool ones that just snap in. 
 Pick up in Long Beach. feel free to come check it out. 
 Thanks and peace!


Siiiiiick board. If you know chris you know he does pretty stuff. I would keep it but just purchased another board and shed is full.
 Traditional poly resin. Glassed well. Gloss finish. Comes with chris birch designed fins.

pick up in Long Beach NY
 Normaly $750+ new.
 description from Chris:
 #1 seller... this is the model I ride. Generates speed with ease, works well in 2 ft.-overhead surf. Comes with my quad fin set.



Selling for my neighbor who is moving and offloading his kids stuff. Email me and i can give you his number.
 the LS means its a small, but is long.  Made in japan.  back zip. patagonia lists their R2 as follows: Suggested water temperatures:  54-60 F
 basicaly a solid full suit for spring and fall

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