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Thanks for posting.  always nice to see Justin styling and sick shots of Tudor.  Both showing us you dont need to surf a potato chip in good waves.

i made the decision to surf with ear plugs a while ago as preventative maintenance.  cant hear well but its no that bad. prefer macks plugs verse the expensive custom ones that i will always lose or misplace 

Asking for a friend who moved here.  Let me know if you want to unload your beater for a few hundo.  thanks!

Hi all.  We are moving and helping the owner find new tenants.  This place is great for surfers.  Owner is very cool,  lives in California and never a bother.  Surf is 1/2 block down the street.  Outside patio and bbq area.

2 bed 1 bath.  Kitchen.  Washer Dryer.  A/C. 

$2200 plus utilities or $2400 all in
Figured Id share it here since I think its unreal location and sad we wont be living this close to surf anymore. 
Hit me up  [email protected]

Mitchell Ave

UnsOund surf has solid repair guys,  top notch work and good prices.


Air, ground and sea. Far flung destinations put your travel gear to the test. Our World Traveler collection was born out of the need for bomber gear to handle the adventure of getting there. This surfboard bag features first-of-its-kind 3/4-inch sidewall padding for impact protection where you need it most. It holds up to four boards with padded dividers and 3/8-inch padding top and bottom. Built-in lash points make for secure tie-down on roof racks for the path less traveled.

Anyone have one laying around they are willing to part with for cash?  Has to be able to fit 9'6" boards so a 10 foot bag would be ideal.  Thanks!

An amazing day at Life Rolls On.   Indeed stoked for days. 

They may not call it a pension, but whatever you want to call receiving money for the rest of your life, yeh thats the stuff.  They will gripe about it not being as good as it used to be, and tiers, and "those days are over"  yet its still friggin great and more than anyone in private sector get when retired which is zero. 
Oh and get this, if you want you can go to Costa Rica, or Indo (or wherever you want) for a year and surf when you come back your job is waiting for you!   What is this magical job?   Its called a Long Island teacher. 

Still time to sign up.  need volunteers!!   140 athletes are signed up!!

breakfast and lunch provided. 

Be a teacher on Long Island.  You will have more days off than anyone you know.  You will get paid around 100k +/-.   Have a pention.   Have close to no copays at the doctor.  And have a rewarding career.     This is only for Long Island though.  Elsewhere teachers make less.

The worst is when i see surfers a jetty away in the water when they could be helping these guys out for the ONE DAY a year they get wet.  Being paralyzed can happen to any of us at any time.  In my harsh opinion and maybe some agree, if you surf and choose to not help in an event like this (paralyzed, autism, etc) at least once in your life then you don't deserve to be in the line up in NY.

Thanks RayG.   Anyone else sign up?


Would be great if some of us can volunteer since its our backyard.  Im told they need more volunteers.   I signed up for "deep water"  thats where your in the water with fins on helping push them into waves.  Pick whichever item you want to help on.   As far as teams just say no team,  unless you know anyone who is paralyzed and attending and is on a team.

Trust me,  this shiz is more stoke than you will ever get on any wave. 

Make us proud NY!

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