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Would be great if some of us can volunteer since its our backyard.  Im told they need more volunteers.   I signed up for "deep water"  thats where your in the water with fins on helping push them into waves.  Pick whichever item you want to help on.   As far as teams just say no team,  unless you know anyone who is paralyzed and attending and is on a team.

Trust me,  this shiz is more stoke than you will ever get on any wave. 

Make us proud NY!

best of luck to you and thank you for expanding our culture and real good american made surfboards on the island.


Told my wife shes lucky. Some guys get a porsche. I just wanted my skateboard from 1984. And i found it... Stoked.

i bought some excel ones years ago at unsound, they were pretty legit.   but indeed i dont wear them.   

Sorry to hear whats happening in another town in another state.  The ones who lived through it here are getting the money they need through new york rising.

And after that is done we are thankful that our city is interested in helping ALL its residents against future storms.  Even if you think they shouldn't.

New York Rising does not help homeowners who bought after Sandy.   So what do you do if you want to raise your house and you bought after Sandy?

The city of Long Beach is petitioning New York State exactly for this reason , for a grant to get some more money to help in "hazard mitigation".  This would include money for elevating your home even if you bought after Sandy.

If you havn't done so already please fill out the attached form and send it back to city hall.

The more residents the better.  Even if you already did New York rising.  This is just a petition to New York State for more money for our community.  Cant hurt. 

Any questions call city hall Megan Porter 516-431-1000  ext 786

Thanks Everyone!

26 from northport, 39 now, sailed more than surfed.  It took a bad break up to get me surfing.   Living in Huntington with her when things fell apart I was at a bar with a friend watching surf on TV, and he said "you know they surf down in Long Beach."  Couple days later I bought my first board from Kookmike in rock (guessing about 14 years old at the time).  big boy now!  paddled out in every situation every day for a solid summer and a half before it clicked.  Got tired of driving to LB so i decided move there.  Found an apartment right at my spot "purple rock".  After my first year they stopped painting the rock so i took the helm, if you saw purple rock from circa 2005-Sandy it was yours truly.  The studio was getting a little tight in that last year, my fiance was pregnant , and i was sensing the end of an era coming, no matter how firm my grip i would have to move away from my spot.   A week after we got married Sandy hit.  When the sun came up the purple rock gone, literaly gone, i never would have imagined it.  I think I must have cried, but i also had this feeling of succumbing to the change.  Something was saying look dude this is over and now its beyond your control, its time, go be a dad, be a husband, start a new era, and yes you will still surf.  we live in the canals now.  a regular shmoe.  i asked for spaghetti and marinara and i get noodles and ketchup.  i kid i kid, truth is its an awesome life and we LOVE our home.  Nothing gold can stay.  or purple.  And its all good.

i love when i get a good shot by a good photog of myself by chance and i am stoked.  but i cant stand any of these go-pros.  just a personal opinion.  one of the reasons i go surfing is to remove myself.  As a human i am always in risk of being vain, and instagram , facebook, etc does not help.  Its a battle to stay humble in this world.  To not be effected by all this stuff.  Surfing helps.  but not if you bring a camera...


This is right in our backyard.  not across the world.  Dylan is the epitome of stoke.   He is dedicated.  he is a surfer.  standing or not.  he is hooked.  he's never giving up.  lets help him catch even more waves.

call me crazy but i don't think killing large wild animals is cool or something to be proud of.

yes.  most definatelay.  its a hilarious burn.  but not make a habit of it.  just in a fun burn way. 

caught on film doing my best on friday

love barbados, perfect island.   high class fancy restaurants if you want and roadside fish shacks if you want.  something for everyone.  and yeh its great for the non surfing gf.   rent a moke and have fun.  pricing can be tough but i think you do best on the "south coast" near oistins and the the gap.  west coast is tiger tiger wooods yalll.