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welcome dude. the old site is allright..... but this site has been proven to contain only 1% of the ass holes found on the other leading site!

thanks wolf

without a doubt, the absence of a few folks (who'll remain nameless ;)) has made for a more mellow vibe, while leaving plenty of room to miix it up

i'm tom ... here's my deal ...

i saw the just-released endless summer at the ship bottom theatre on lbi and wanted badly to surf, but my parents couldn't /wouldn't buy me a real surfboard (any oldtimers out there who remember the surf shop inside the giant hollow log in beach haven? ... might have been ron jon's second location)

so, i belly-rode every kind of styrofoam board i could get my hands on and later got a bonaire skimboard that i rode for hours on end - we stopped going to lbi in '70, after ten summers - got into hiking, camping, backpacking, etc for a while - started going to mtk in '79 b/c  wife's family had been going for decades - in '90, i started to sponge during the summer - by the following year, i had gotten a suit and was surfing  thru the fall and starting up again in early spring - i was hooked - five years ago, i bought a longboard in fulfillment of my chilldhood wish

the learning curve was indeed steep, but at this point, i can claim basic competence in small-to-medium sized surf - i still love to sponge when its too big for me to standup - mostly surf out east on summer weekends, tdr during the week - it is fair to say that surfing has become an obsession, as it appears to be for quite a few members here!

anyway, i was lurking the other site for a while (started during the height of cupsomania), then came over to nynj at its inception - then, in a funny, only-in-new york occurrence, a post by psycho about the club where he works revealed that it was the same place where one of my best friends is a member and that they knew one another! ... i had to register and post!

that all happened about a week before the photo shoot at rock - i was around that weekend and decided to check it out and meet some folks from the board - i had no intention of being in the photo since that morniing was the first time i'd ever surfed there, and thus didn't feel worthy of being in the photo with all of you core rock people ;), but there i am  - everyone was really friendly, and a lot of aloha surrounded the scene

i was out at rock early last sunday am ... only another guy and me for a while - around 8, a guy came out on a lime-green lb and was ripping pretty good ... one of youse guys, maybe? - since i can't see sh*t w/o my glasses, it's difficult to recognize people in the water, so give me a shout (or paddle away if i'm too kooky ;D) ... i'm on a yellow bottom/white deck 9' 4 bruce jones

i've been registered for a while, but am usually lurking - it's likely that a lot more people will register and/or log in to get the 'cast - btw, thanks LN, you're always right on the mark!

anyway, i started lurkiing the other site during the height of cupsomania and came to this site at it's inception -- it seemed fairly obvious from the start that this board was mostly rock locals/regulars and that quite a few of them knew one another -- so, i don't mind the social chit-chat b/c there's usually some good surfing stuff in the mix -- failing that, there's always entertainment of one sort or another!

i still visit the other site, but enjoy the vibe here much more ...

aloha everyone!

the photo is fantastic!  ... thanks to both psycho for organizing and Bob for his beautiful work!

it was great fun to meet some of you folks - psycho, seacliff, et al. ... hope to make it out to the Rock again soon


nice find, thanks for sharing :)

have ridden a couple of different boogers, but am back to my orginal Mach 7X b/c my newer board got ruined - looking to upgrade to a lighter 43in board

got my longboard several years ago ...  a 9-4 tri-fin w/concave nose shaped by Bruce Jones in Cali and delivered to me in ny - it's been a good first board, but it always feels a little unwieldy in bigger than chest-high surf (which has been my stand-up limit anyway! - when it's bigger, I sponge) - been thinking about a shorter single fin for those days when it's chest to head high+ and also something easier to travel with (planning my first winter trip for Feb 06 to PR)

for the majority of days though, i guess i would ride the 9-4, so i suppose that would be the daily rider - right now, it's my only stand-up ride! 

hey everyone ... i've been lurking the (old) board and this board for quite a while ... discovered it during the height of cupsomania and stuck around - decided finally to register, partly as a consequence of an amusing incident involving the stalwart psychosponger (see the "people are starting ... the revenge" thread) 

been sponging for about ten years, longboarding for three or so ... pretty much suck at the latter, not so bad at the former - go mostly to the well known place at the end of LI, but also hit central and spots west

continually amused by the 'how, where, when can i surf in ny' posts - it's taken me many years, lots of miles, lots of gas, and lots of being skunked to get somewhat clued in  ... not to mention figuring out the deal in the water - but, i knew enough to stay out of the way, keep my ears open, and not act like a d*ck - which is not to say that i haven't committed some f*ck ups, but when it's happened  i've been quick with an apology and have never done anything so bad that i was chased from the lineup

i don't know anyone else who surfs, other than some of the regulars out east who i say hi to or chat with in the lot, so i'm hoping one day to meet up with some of the folks from this board either at rock, central or out east ...

i know, i know ... STAY HOME KOOK (putting on helmet now!)

Lastly, thanks lots to Seacliff for his work in putting together the new board ... the vibe is great!

hey, thanks, ps ... small world indeed!

my friend is a great guy ... we've been friends for more than forty years!

i don't work in manhattan ... my job is five min from home here on si, but maybe i can make a tdr one of these days

anyway, hope to catch up with you and the rest of the rock crew sometime ... was planning a dp for sat in central, but will try to stop by at rock on the way back to check out the photo shoot

i'm the 'wealthy guy's' friend!  :)

a couple of years ago he told me that a guy who worked at his club was a bodyboarder ... i had been lurking the nysurf message board for a while, and in several posts psycho mentioned that he worked at a club ... when i read the post about 'eddie vedder', my curiousity was piqued! ... i emailed my friend and asked him to inquire as to whether they guy in the club was, in fact, psychosponger...

pretty funny!!

last week, i saw the 'where's seacliff' thread and found the new site ... awesome job by seacliff in putting it together ... thanks!

also, just to set the record straight ... i wish i were from mtk, but actually live here in the city, on another island that's not manhattan or long (hint - same one as sport_pixel) ... my bro-in-law has a place in mtk, so that's mostly where i surf, but do hit some other spots central and west, with occ trib to lbi ...  right now, i do more deskriding than surfing but change in job situation in sept could change that


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