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through the indulgent beneficence of my family, i am planning a surf trip to the west coast, leaving late march, early april, accompanied by my trusty canine companion.  general scheme is to take a southern route pretty much straight across, with perhaps a quick stop in the southwest before heading over to the coast. will be heading home across the mountain west, with stops in bozeman and boulder to see friends.

would like to stay about two weeks each in the malibu and santa cruz areas. plan to do as much camping as possible, perhaps giving my middle-aged body a break for a few days at a motel/inn that will accommodate dogs.  i'm doing my homework on the web, etc., but just thought i'd stop in here to see if anyone had any recommendations, particularly about pet-friendly places.  thanks in advance ...

here's a shot of Buckley checking out Earl ...

left my O'Neill 2/1 short suit on the ground next to my vehicle on saturday, very late afternoon, in the upper-tier parking lot all the way out east.  just thought i'd post here on the extreme outside possibility that someone here was there, picked it up, and hasn't sold it yet!

hope everyone got while the gettin' was good!

suit is quite a few years old, but has been worn less than 5 times

size M/T

lots of creases, but otherwise in very good condition

will accept a reasonable offer

i just removed center fin from box - the plastic screw plate was broken but is distinctly square in shape - the metal plate that came with the new fin is rectangular and metal and does not want to go into the channel - i assume that plastic/metal doesn't matter, but that it needs to be square in order to get it into the channel inside the box? 

anyone have any spare parts lying about? perhaps a square screw plate?!

i'd be appreciative of any advice

hey everyone ... i've been lurking the (old) board and this board for quite a while ... discovered it during the height of cupsomania and stuck around - decided finally to register, partly as a consequence of an amusing incident involving the stalwart psychosponger (see the "people are starting ... the revenge" thread) 

been sponging for about ten years, longboarding for three or so ... pretty much suck at the latter, not so bad at the former - go mostly to the well known place at the end of LI, but also hit central and spots west

continually amused by the 'how, where, when can i surf in ny' posts - it's taken me many years, lots of miles, lots of gas, and lots of being skunked to get somewhat clued in  ... not to mention figuring out the deal in the water - but, i knew enough to stay out of the way, keep my ears open, and not act like a d*ck - which is not to say that i haven't committed some f*ck ups, but when it's happened  i've been quick with an apology and have never done anything so bad that i was chased from the lineup

i don't know anyone else who surfs, other than some of the regulars out east who i say hi to or chat with in the lot, so i'm hoping one day to meet up with some of the folks from this board either at rock, central or out east ...

i know, i know ... STAY HOME KOOK (putting on helmet now!)

Lastly, thanks lots to Seacliff for his work in putting together the new board ... the vibe is great!

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