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Sold it at noon.  Sorry bro, I thought I replied.  Took it down because I was getting too many calls. 
Life is Good When You Surf.

No doubt.  Riding my 6-2 Dominator they just feel a little loose in the tail.  Found myself getting bogged in the section wash.  Want a little more drive/hold.  Most likely ride it as a thruster for a bit until I figure out what I need.  :-)


Brand New.  150 firm with Creatures of Liesure Bicep leash.  Contact [email protected]
The only way to go with the growing Goliathe series was a board that could handle the punishment larger framed riders (200lbs+ and 6ft +/-) would dish out. The Brawler is a straight shooting crescent tail free style performer with the Goliathe template. It features Surlyn under grips for a true reverse pull grip. This grip is best for tube riders and certainly the 2x Dual carbon stringer set-up will handle all the beasts of Pipe to shorebreaks to any condition you can throw at it. The crescent tail gives a basic sure hold in all types of surf so now you can lean even harder into turns. Features an incredible price for quality of specs, core, and materials ! LENGTH : 43.25L x 14" Nose x 23.5" Width x 19.5" Tail : N-W : 21.5"2.1 PP Core w/ dual 2x stringerBLUNTED NOSE w/ subtle surlyn nose gripsVaporcel™ 6pcf IXLPE CRESCENT TAILBOTTOM : 0.8mm SURLYN® SKIN4mm RAILS : CENTRIPETAL™ LAMINATION62mm thickness

Used once for an hour or so... looking for something with more size.  I'm 200+lbs.
Will sell them for 50.00 firm.  email me at [email protected]

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