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Or... you might have to work when the waves are pumping....

Yeah... its been Uber Flat for two Weeks!! I wish it was 1-2'!!!!

My Wife and I did it last year and it is !00% stoke and tons of swimming. Pretty sure we are there this year again. Such a rad event. The folks you help surf are way cool and some of them are soooooo hardcore about catching some waves. Its amazing. Flat out.

Bring flippers with socks and some vaseline.  Sunscreen too!

Thanks Seacliff! 10 days late on my part.......!


Tim went to soon. I'm soooo saddened by his passing, and angry and sad. Seeing him walk around with his baby girl was so freaking awesome. Kiva and Freyja are in all our hearts.

Tim's parents are in town. I have had the pleasure to meet them in better times. Tim is definitely a chip off the old block.

I am not the best with words, so ill keep it short. Tim's boss set up a Go Fund me and he asked me share it around.

I heard a rumor that Joyce was working with Haydenshapes on a Plimatron model

Whatever day it was, Im sure I took a shower


What kind of Milwaukee sander? Grinder or orbital?

And where ya located?

it was a badass book. Makes me feel unworthy!!

38 liters or nothing, bro.

45+ litres or nothin Bro!!

Would you take a turkey club?

I need a bigger garage.... :o

Did you get the screw out? The dremel trick should do it!

Surfing on a snowy day is super fun and all, but nobody ever talks about the downside....

All those little shards of ice hitting you in the eyes. What a drag.

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