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It is really the tide that has been killing it. We had a coastal flood warning yesterday which is rare even during solid winter noreasters. Adding 2 or 3 feet of water from a combo of a new moon and presistant onshore slow over the past week when a swell is marginal at best is a recipe for shore break time. The swell angle is the the other major factor. So East swell spots rules apply. If you combine a spot with a better propensity for East swell capture and low tide and it is a fun (not epic) swell.

Apparently less dust this hurricane season according to Jeff Masters.

I have been watching a show on History channel called "Violent Earth: Killer Hurricane" about the Cat 5 that hit New England in 1938.  Let's hope these babies stay far enough offshore to avoid situations like that - wow. Worth watching...


It was really a Cat 3 that hit LI. Since most of Suffolk in 1938 was Potato fields and pine barrens damage was limited on the Island and hence the Designation of the great New England hurricane. (though West Hampton took a serious beating) L!do Blvd was breached in several spots near PL, but LB proper and Rock were relatively undamaged due to the fact that they were on the weaker left side of the storm were winds were offshore and surge much lower. (Imagine the swell that day, well over 20 foot with 60+ knot offshores.)

Nice LN. That is the kind of math I was talking about...

I heard 3 hrs but not sure . While @ my cousin's on Oahu last winter I learned that there was a I think if i remember 10 hr diff from Buoy one on Kuai to Oahu what is the time lag from say 44025 to our shores ? Pm me if you feel this is too Public info

So many factors. Swell period would be the biggest, as the longer the period the faster the individual wave trains are moving. So those nice 17-20 second swells out in Hawaii are moving allot faster then our typical 8 second wind swell. Then there is the shoaling effect around here, as the swell is further slowed down by friction on our shallow bottom.

I am sure LN could probably give you the formula for actual arrival times from a given buoy based on swell period and adjusted for shoaling and swell direction. (way beyond my math skills)

I took a nice run from JB field 6 to Tobay (about 4 miles each way) and saw some nice little cuts into the dunes that were producing some point esk lined up surf. Its a solid 2 miles from the closest  parking lot so good luck unless your in the mood for a hike.

There is a red fox that chills in the dunes to keep you company... There is so much undeveloped land out there it is absolutely incredible.

Super high tides. The water was coming out of the sewers in low spots yesterday which is about as high as it gets without a major noreaster. This evenings high tide is astronomically even higher.

Stoked. Yeah, that is a great location for monitoring swell for NJ and NY.

The Texas Tower has been a popular dive location for wreck divers. It was a radar platform that sank in '61 after only 3 years use. 28 men died when it collapsed in a January storm.

Wow, unreal. So it must be on the very tip of the continental shelf then.


I hope its not temporary... Because that is the money spot for swell forecasting...

Also, it will be interesting to watch long period swells decay as they cross the continental shelf. The possibility's for buoy junkies are endless!!!

I am at a lose of words with this one. If you do choose to go there and the surf is good, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move down to a less crowded area. Plenty of room to spread out, no need to sit on the main peak.

I personally do no not think it is going to be all that good either place. SE winds suck for NY and NJ. There may be a moment or 2 were the winds are more favorable for jers, but we aren't talking epic west winds either. So really, it should be about where you would rather be in a non surfing related sense.

On a warm sunny day sure. But if its cloudy and the wind is on it (like its been the last few days) you will be suffering.

add to it as well

As soon as IT gets done checking your keystroke logs they will block as well.   ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Bite your tongue and strike those keys from your keyboard!

My job would so suck without this site...

Was this the dude who signed on here and wound up asking too many spot questions while high on acid and mouthing off to everyone?

Nahh, that would the nut case surfing without a hood in February.

I haven't seen him around in a while, he must have went back to calli. Definitely taught LI something about nose ridding during his stay though i must admit. It was nice to have someone in the lineup doing stuff to aspire too. You just don't see guys around here doing helicopters while doing a full ten on the nose and making it.

Damn, boots and gloves? I am all about the hot top right now. I guess to each his own.

Where was that? It was pretty weak by me.

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