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Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: Rape
« on: September 05, 2012, 10:07:43 PM »
I also know some highly educated folks in academia who are very, very skeptical of evolutionary biology. They think it may be correct in some aspects but do not trust the sexist, racist, male hegemony it came from.

Well then fark them, too. Ugh. Everything smells rotten to me. We need another Vonnegut. Or maybe a Jesus. Now would be a great time for him to come back. Maybe he could do some smiting. Wouldn't it be great if God came back to earth and started striking down all the self-righteous fuckfaces, like Todd Akin?
Vonnegut?    That guy is a commie.

How about either party finds a guy who has a clue and does whats best to get us out of the financial mess instead of playing to interest groups.  I dont care what party he/she/it is.  O'Bama is ineffective as a president and is driving us further into the ground, Romney's policies are too extreme to be taken seriously and viewed as not having a hidden agenda.  We're screwed for another 4 years.

check this site out;
i bought and sold my cervelo on there.  you know about bikes, so im sure you have an idea on the brand/model/size of what you're looking for.  there are some amazing deals to be had on that site for bikes a season+ old.

We use a narrative rather than a cover letter.  This accompanies a standard application form which covers the data included in your resume as well as other info we need.  For our purposes this is to tell us about the person rather than the worker as well as their reasons for wanting to live and work overseas.  Also to explain to us that they are normal and we will get along as we work in small groups and have the potential to be dealing with this individual at off hours as well.
When i was corporate the letter was used to sell myself to the company.  I would always call HR first and plant the seed in their head.  THen when the cover letter arrived there, it made more sense to them as the info was fresh and came along with a frame of reference.  Going cold never worked for me and it was explained to me by HR that due to the amount of resumes they receive, they are forced to skim through the pile before shredding most of them.  Do whatever it takes to help your resume to jump out in the 30 seconds its being reviewed.  The cover letter can do that for you.

double post, please delete

if you have a skill or some other way to help call this number 1-888-407-4747 ext 6

Muay Thai and in the last 6 months I started brazilian jiu jitsu to learn some ground skills.

best career move i ever made.  thanks again for the advice.

On the shave head bullfrog at the beach and a moisturizer/aftershave balm with some sort of spf rating for everyday/non water use

Sorry, my brain is fried from the last few months and i missed that detail.  What kind of cert are you looking for?  Wham, bam, certified like most of the PADI shops which are done in 2 weekends or something longer and thorough?  Tidemans dive shop in East Meadow puts on an excellent course that had us in the water 5 times for 3 hrs a pop in addition to 5 class sessions (which could be done via CD which are free from the shop) IIRC.

how long for the cert to run out?  I thought it was good for life and any refresher was done more so for the safety issue than recertifying.  My SSI cert is a few years old and my cert/log is up in NY so I cant reference it for a few months

Happy Birthday Rick

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