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Any chance you're still selling this one?

Continued quiver sale. Only ridden once. 5’8 x 19 x 2.3 (26.75L) in carbon wrap. Pick up only upper west in city. Comes with fcs ii KA fins.

Final price drop. Gotta get it out the house. $200 (it’s a Libtech).

Got my hands on a subdriver and am loving the lower tail rocker. Now i'm hungry to try the board they started with.. Pls let me know if anyone has a Driver they're willing to part ways with (looking for ~26.5L.. 5'9-5'11). thank you!!


A fun libtech experiment has come to its end for now.. all boards were fun but definitely felt overvolumed in the end so will hopefully have more models in my range in the future. This is the Short Round -- traveled with it and it got a bit of a dent/crack on the top deck unfortunately but with the Libtech boards, you don't have to repair superficial dings as water isn't absorbed.

5'6 x 19.25 x 2.25L.. listed volume is 27L but I would say it feels more in between 27.5-28L for sure.

Upper west side in the city, pick up only please.

Price drop $350.

Really looking for the lower tail rocker w/ nose flip but sending you a PM regardless with some questions!

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