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Bringing back an oldie, but I was reading this thread over before this past swell and it helped immensely.

I had the same problem of being too far forward on pop-ups with my back foot always landing in front of the pad - especially in mushier days when I feel like I inch my body up further on the board just to get into the wave.  I used to plant my hands further up on the board to pop-up (near my chest) kind of close to the rail.   I have been working on moving my hands lower on the board towards my waist to get my body further back (once again hands still close to the rail).  What I changed this past swell, was follow the advice of really arching my back before take-off and now I am placing my hands on top of the board, almost where my belly button would be before I start arching.  This has got my back foot on the pad, led to more consistent, accurate pop-ups and just a better day of overall surfing.

Thanks for all the tips everyone - I have been struggling with this one for a while

Still available?

Looking for a board around 5'10 roughly 19" wide and > 2 3/8 thick. Also looking for more of a thruster and not a fish.



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