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Well not explicity for surfers but its so easy a surfer can use it (bumdumbump)

Definitely created by surfers. Check it out, download the app, and let us know what you think!

Chopchaser and crew have started a really cool program in rockaway....didnt see this posted but if it please move or delete. I think everyone in NYNJ has their hands full so this is for folks outside the area to chip,in if they can. Nice job chop and thinking of everyonein nynjsurf.

Finally uploading some quiver shots from summer.

Wow great photos and really like this one, these are the experiences I travel for

Watching paddlewheel steamboat crushing down the canal by our house I noticed something very wierd, whereas the waves that normally follow a boat are at angles to the ship these followed almost perfectly square to the stern and they had more volume then any boat of that size I've seen before.

As a chaser of boat wakes this really caught me eye. I thought that if you amplied this effect you would have something that could really be surfable on open water....has anyone seen any links to the science of boat wakes? Why did this one act do differently? Could it be surfed? Was it the ship or the paddle wheel?

I am intrigued.

I am looking forward to this contest and watching some good waves. Not that rio wasn't great but it's freakin Fiji!


Bring home the cup boys

a little snow surfing to break up the winter....19 inches fresh when we showed up tuesday. march is the best month up here for snow. no crowds, tons of snow, and end of season deals. i heart stevens. enjoy!

For a few years I have been looking at getting into real estate development and my wife and I are in the process of evaluating some options for development surf cabins out by the coast. Does anyone have any experience trying to plan and build some small surf shacks for personal use and potential rental income?

This would be out on the coast of Washington but we are intersect in any experiences.

Has anyone ever shipped a board from rockaway to rockaway? Or ny to la/sf/PDx/sea...if so how much?

Also have had this photo for a while but needed just the right thread to use it...think this it it!

was able to get a few small ones in bali...2011 was not an entire surf skunk after all!

feel free to post your surf photos from the past year here :)

Looks like the contest will start tomorrow with a solid NW swell!

For those playing fantasy surfer get your lineups set, I think there are still lots of folks with a chance at the title!

Can someone post up a link to the webcast?

Final two events of the season, get your teams ready!

Made some big changes for final two events, new school out big wave chargers in.

Also wanted to note that the rankings are not adjusted. They just total up all your scores. The winner is the one with the top seven scores...I brought this up in there forums you can see the whole back and forth over there. Basically they need to post adjusted rankings but can't for some reason...

Swell looks big this week and cleaner conditions on wed/fri/sat in hh to doh range

And to quote burkhardt you all still have a single fin mentality!

Headed in late November and think with my limited schedule (just for one week) and fact that were there with a young child I'd be wise to find a local guide to optimize surf time. Does anyone have a recommendation on a local surf guide? Thanks in advance!

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