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Tomorrow is going to be a fun one. I like CJs odds. Kelly could win the whole thing but there are some serious pipe chargers esp john john that are going to be hard to beat. As a surf fan doesnt get much better!

That was awesome final day. Makes me want to surf (one day)!

That guys got upper middle management written all over him lol

Healy is mental that is all i can say.

Well actually i can say a little more. Back at one of the SFNYC events (actially think it was with kelly when he gave away like 20 boards) i got a moment backstage where it was just bob mcknight, strider wasilewski and healy. Mcknight and strider drifted off somewhere and it was just me and him chatting. I asked him straight up - how the F do you do it?

Now mind you i am not a big dude and i probably have 4 inches and 20 lbs on him so size is not the factor. Anyway he says - do what? And after some prodding he says something pretty memorable...its not the training its not the experience - although that help - after a certain point it really just bools down to being confident in yourself and the people around you.

God damn that guy charges

It is cool when you dawn patrol and are in the city by 9, feeling like you have a little secret that no one knows about and you already accomplished more then most people will all day. The rest is just gravy!

But the flat spells are brutal

The power broker is absolutely a must read for any new yorker interested in why the roads and buildings are what they are nowadays. Robert moses did some good things but he had two makor flaws:

- he hated community involvement and feedback. His idea was the right idea whether you liked it or not. Jane jacobs the great urban designer was his undoing when they battled and ahe was able to engage the local community

- he loved cars and saw a future of roads, highways and suburbs at all costs. See cross bronx expressway for how this plays out

I think we can say that high rise projects were a fail also, but as the article points out that was not only robert moses. There are ways to integrate different incomes into cities at density that matches and connects local neighborhoods

For the rebuilding of rockaway i think (hope) the next generation will learn from his mistakes and find a better way to connect people, infrastructure and and natural resources

* side note i grew up surfing robert moses field 2 them 5 later so i am thankful he created a park there

The Recovery Room / is thankfull for...
« on: November 21, 2012, 11:51:56 PM »
Thankful to be a surfer from NY one of the best communities in the world. Wishing everyone the best

What ever happened to warming up with a couple whiskey shots at rbis

Flea is greying and the fleas are fading


Leslie lights up the Atlantic:

Wow great image, wish i could book a ticket to ny or better yet nova scotia... hope you guys are scoring!

I didn't know there was surf after 9am...

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / NHL vs lacrosse
« on: May 22, 2012, 01:38:12 PM »

True, but hockey equipment, like surfing, is the bees knees. I love strapping on the pads and going full speed into the boards just as much as strapping on the fullsuit for a winter session.

most people liked what they played growing up - for my group on LI lacrosse was much more accessible than hockey. Roller hockey (quads) was fun but relatively slow, played on a small space with relatively less power (hard to plant and rip a shot like lax).  A couple of guys played ice but had to buy all the equipment and ice time (plus arrange a  ride) $$$ - where lax just required a stick purchase (all other equip thru Jr/High school team except cup and mouthpiece).   Lax beat the boredom of baseball any day in the spring.  I know guys up in Buffalo who had firemen flood a parking lot in winter and they have free ice to play hockey on under the lights for months - that's easy local accessibility - but you can't do that around here (we can't even get shallow ponds to freeze for long).  We could play lax anywhere there was an open field (including on the beach).That sports science piece they showed this past weekend was interesting - showing Rabil's shot faster than a MLB pitch and NHL slapshot was great (unless you are a lax goalie).  I could only really get into watching the NHL after I got high def - same with lacrosse on TV - high def and multiple cameras makes an up and down game fun to watch.  The number of boys and girls taking up lacrosse is growing geometrically (check the stats or just coach like me and try dealing with hundreds of little stick wielding kids) (hopefully with less DBags) and with the TV/Web coverage it may turn into a college revenue sport some day in the distance future - until now its relative niche status allows an old man like me to play with a current Pro MVP and go up against a current tewaaraton nominee D pole at my local pickup game - which is a ton of fun for an over the hill guy. 
PS: The indoor game is just summer hockey in the great white north
Inter A Lacrosse Brawl - Coquitlam vs Nanaimo [Original]

This was a pretty good article that talked about lacrosse now vs the NHL a while ago.


holding the fish way out in front of you always makes it look bigger ;)

That's what she said