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Cabo in february for five days, have never been. Hopefully find some waves. San clemente for shorter work trip. Would love to go to NZ this year, trying to figure out how to make that happen.

Boy the crew is getting old lol. Totally agree about the aches and pains putting a damper on things...and cant even imagine the toll sandy took on everyone...

Interesting year for me, literally no surf in first half due to new addition to family. Reluctantly embraced the SUP darkside. Actually have been in the water every week since so getting back in shape slowly.

Surfwise i wouldnt say i am improving from a tech shortboard perspective anymore, and am pretty cool with that. Have been loving exploring diferent boards and waves and pretty stoked on that. Plus got a fun surf related job in 2013 so feeling very lucky.

Heres to more waves in 2014!

Congrats kdrop!

I sucked this year...

Oh and unsound was first exposure to pro surfers and what theyve done as pioneera of the ny surf scene is awesome...couch tour!

I had a picture of brock little in my locker in high school on a solid 25 ft wave at the bay with 3-4 more bigger stacked on the horizon. That picture was always in my head on big days...

Kenny cangelosi is a robert moses local, a guy all the groms looked up to for his style and how he went about hia biz

Yvon well patagonia is one of the companies out there, how i would run a company

I just like rob and gerrys style

Yea its possible. But the most influential is really subjective. I think the more important list is your own most influential...

1) tom curren
2) kelly slater
3) dave benitez, my cousin
4) bruce brown (still watch that movie end to end all the time)
5) brock little
6) yvon chouinard - in and out of water
7) kenny cangelosi
8) rob machado
9) unsound (mike/dave)
10) gerry lopez

Decent list. Think you need christian fletcher for introducing aerials. Pottz and buttons i think were also doing them but fletcher was i think the main influencer...

I was rooting for kelly also but you have to give mick the score there for two reasons. One pipe is scored on the barrell not the drop or what happens after. Both of those waves were near perfect tubes. Second, there is a factor for when a wave happens in a heat. Two last second waves get more weight then early heat ones. Its like hitting the jump shot at the buzzer. No one has benefitted more from late heat heroics and scores than slater. So i think they were accurate. It was an awesome end to the year no doubt!

Wow mick deserved it after those two heats!

Tomorrow is going to be a fun one. I like CJs odds. Kelly could win the whole thing but there are some serious pipe chargers esp john john that are going to be hard to beat. As a surf fan doesnt get much better!

We made it into GeekWire!

Thanks for the support everyone, you guys rock!

we need a flea fest in bali right about now!

Thats more boards than some surf shops. Possibly an all time quiver!

(although i want to see seacliffs to compare)

That was awesome final day. Makes me want to surf (one day)!

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