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The difference in fins usually boils down to personal preference. I know some surfers who insist that different fins hardly make a difference whatsoever... Personally, I think it CAN make a very big difference, but not always.

With a twin fish for instance, I notice a HUGE difference when I change fins. A small set of fins on a small board with a wide tail will be very, very loose feeling- and tightens up as you add size.

...But on a typical 5'10ish shortboard, I sometimes won't get much of a different feeling going from stock fins to GX-Qs for instance. (Although I really like the smaller GX-Qs as trailers for a small quad board.)

If your mini driver has a 5 fin configuration, you have the luxury of a little experimentation. In general, quad is looser and a bit faster than the thruster set up, which usually offers noticeably more hold. You'll never know which feels better for you on a particular surfboard until you try it out for yourself...

As a general rule of thumb, if you feel like you've got plenty of hold in your surfing (or too much) and wouldn't mind loosening your grip (which in return will give you some extra speed), you can switch to a quad. OR you can try smaller fins or rounder fins with less rake, which will have a similar effect. The same applies vice versa.

On your 6'0, which is a pretty traditional shortboard shape with a little extra volume, I'd assume a stiffish quad setup would feel best. (Or stiff fronts with flexible trailers.)

Sorry if this post is too general, but since you didn't say what fin system you have, whether you run a quad or tri setup, or what you're looking to get out of your surfing- it's hard to make specific recommendations.

Looking to do either the central California area for a camping/surfing trip, or out to Chicama in Peru; but none of my friends wanna take more than 6 days... So anyone on here wanna go on a surf trip with a stranger? Ha.


I feel you (and agree.)

Haven't been in the water since the morning of the storm, but I've been hearing that the water's been seriously contaminated with everything from pure sewage to diesel fuel- so keep that in mind I guess.

Plus, depending on how bad the neighborhood surrounding your spot was affected, I might be concerned that you're at an increased risk of having your car broke into/keyed/etc...

But hey, we're gonna have to start getting back out there sooner or later.

(Sometimes it really feels like life boils down to surfing and the things that keep you from surfing...)

Hey Man,

The rubber in wetsuits is pretty resilient. I would think you could probably just give them a thorough soap and water cleaning, then maybe let em soak in water mixed with listerine for a little extra antiseptic nudge.

Good luck with everything.

I like to put my tail pads on so that the raised/thicker part of the pad is directly over the backmost fins- which is where it is on this one.

 I think the third picture, because it was taken at an angle, is forcing some extra perspective which makes the placement look more dramatic than it actually is.

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