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You can have it for $40.

Moving to Hawaii and selling most of my stuff for the move.

Selling off my quiver because I'm getting new boards when I get there. Less hassle than lugging with, and I'll be using more rockered shapes for the different type of wave anyway.

Also, selling all my winter stuff.

5'6 Superbrand Craft 2

5'4 Rusty Dwart:

Boot Dryer -

Heated Wetsuit Top -
$120 {SOLD}

Billabong Furnace Xero Gold 7mm Claw Gloves / Large -
$20 {SOLD}

Hyperflex 7mm Amp Round Toe Booties / Size 10 -
$20 {SOLD}

*Also have a unicycle
* and an Epiphone PR-5 guitar

Patagonia started working with a company called Yulex which makes various plant-based rubbers, and now they have a wetsuit model that's a bit more organic. Not sure if it would avoid the things you're allergic to, but possibly worth a look. Good luck.

This feels a little like (group) masturbation for some reason...

-5'4 Rusty Dwart
-5'6 Superbrand Craft 2
-5'8 Lost Mini Driver
-4'6 Homemade twin fish

Typically, I like to have a shape for rail to rail surfing, a shape for top to bottom surfing, a "step-up" (or at least something that doesn't get all spinny when it goes into the 7-8+ range,) and a knock around board. And honestly, it doesn't matter how many I have, I end up surfing one board 99% of the time.

5, wait...quiver thread!

5'10 bottom feeder
6'0 weekend warrior
6'2 v3 rocket round-it
6'4 Rusty slayer
7'0 Bulkley stepup
+ Catchsurf beater

How do you like the Slayer, Seb?

There are a couple of inflatable standup paddleboards at Aegir Surfshop in Dumbo. They deflate and fold to about the size of a suitcase I think.

Personally, I'd try to steer her more towards a fish or beater or some other small fun shape, but it sounds like maybe she just likes paddling around and not so much catching waves... (Maybe build her a gondola?)

Anyway, as long as she's not trying to be Laird Hamilton and surf SUP in Chopes or anything, an inflatable should be very well equipped.

Ton of powerful tubes in Belmar. Coming from LI and being goofy, I'm way better at lefts, but you can get soooooo much deeper in the pit on your backhand. Making it out once you get that deep is a different story however...

Super fun day though! Hope everybody scored.

Not sure where you're located, but Aegir Boardworks in Brooklyn has a 5'8 Hypto Krypto demo to rent.

At a glance, I'd say this was because Rockaway has a handful of "surfing only beach breaks" which do not have lifeguards- and casual beachgoers who don't want to deal with the more crowded "swimming only/no surfing beach breaks" (which provide lifeguards) have been buying crappy boogie boards so they can go in the water without hassle.

Since the city wouldn't want to spend any time or money offering a "proficiency test" to determine which people are at least competent in the water, they probably want to issue this across-the-board ban to avoid dealing with any legal/safety issues.

I also doubt there's a way any of this can be enforced when we get to Sep/Oct/Nov, when the waves start getting good and there aren't any Parks Department people waddling around the beaches.


Not big enough, and just as important to thinning the crowd, no drift. But still fun as hell when you could find the occaisonal unoccupied nugget…  ;D

Definitely. A little rip = OH GOD, MORE PADDLING??? for most "beginners."

Also, is it just me, or have the waves the past few swells been unusually weak? Even that super good day a few weeks ago that barreled basically all day... It feels like there hasn't been much yank on the take-offs, which tends to be another big factor that keeps people out of the water (who should be focused on staying out of people's way...) I've seen so many people just quit and sit in the sand if they get their ass handed to them a couple of times...

That said, it was a lot of fun today! Especially for July in the Northeast. Hope everyone got some!

Given your weight and experience level, I would suggest something like a 6'4 egg or an oversized stubbie shape- like Channel Island's Average Joe or the Dumpster Diver (like CJ suggested) in something like a 5'10 up to a 6'2.

Lost also has the LayZBoy and the Couch Potato, which might serve you nicely as well.

Looks like the rider had a lot of room to maneuver around the paddler... Simple high-line would have worked, or he could have even pulled off. The paddler was clearly in the way and cut the guy's line off, but the rider was the more fucked up party here.

Surf etiquette aside, basic human etiquette dictates you shouldn't slam into another person with a huge dangerous longboard- regardless of how clueless the person might be. A regular wave surfed purely for fun isn't worth fin stabbing someone's eyeball out.

I guess technically that makes the rider more of an asshole than a kook though...

Kook = Paddler

I'd be concerned that it would absorb a lot of water, and be a freezing cold wet wad of cloth pressed up against your face...

Additionally, you could probably make an uglier- but warmer- version by cutting the leg of an old wetsuit.

I've always wondered about this, thinking it might take some of the bite out of the wind and possibly even minimize ice cream headaches from winter duck dives...

Saw this newly posted Chris Kelly video and noted that he's wearing one for a bunch of shots:

Any thoughts?

Shoveling my car out of the snow sucked out all my enthusiasm to go surfing...

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