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Moving to Hawaii and selling most of my stuff for the move.

Selling off my quiver because I'm getting new boards when I get there. Less hassle than lugging with, and I'll be using more rockered shapes for the different type of wave anyway.

Also, selling all my winter stuff.

5'6 Superbrand Craft 2

5'4 Rusty Dwart:

Boot Dryer -

Heated Wetsuit Top -
$120 {SOLD}

Billabong Furnace Xero Gold 7mm Claw Gloves / Large -
$20 {SOLD}

Hyperflex 7mm Amp Round Toe Booties / Size 10 -
$20 {SOLD}

*Also have a unicycle
* and an Epiphone PR-5 guitar

I've always wondered about this, thinking it might take some of the bite out of the wind and possibly even minimize ice cream headaches from winter duck dives...

Saw this newly posted Chris Kelly video and noted that he's wearing one for a bunch of shots:

Any thoughts?

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