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Ton of powerful tubes in Belmar. Coming from LI and being goofy, I'm way better at lefts, but you can get soooooo much deeper in the pit on your backhand. Making it out once you get that deep is a different story however...

Super fun day though! Hope everybody scored.


Not big enough, and just as important to thinning the crowd, no drift. But still fun as hell when you could find the occaisonal unoccupied nugget…  ;D

Definitely. A little rip = OH GOD, MORE PADDLING??? for most "beginners."

Also, is it just me, or have the waves the past few swells been unusually weak? Even that super good day a few weeks ago that barreled basically all day... It feels like there hasn't been much yank on the take-offs, which tends to be another big factor that keeps people out of the water (who should be focused on staying out of people's way...) I've seen so many people just quit and sit in the sand if they get their ass handed to them a couple of times...

That said, it was a lot of fun today! Especially for July in the Northeast. Hope everyone got some!

Looks like the rider had a lot of room to maneuver around the paddler... Simple high-line would have worked, or he could have even pulled off. The paddler was clearly in the way and cut the guy's line off, but the rider was the more fucked up party here.

Surf etiquette aside, basic human etiquette dictates you shouldn't slam into another person with a huge dangerous longboard- regardless of how clueless the person might be. A regular wave surfed purely for fun isn't worth fin stabbing someone's eyeball out.

I guess technically that makes the rider more of an asshole than a kook though...

Kook = Paddler

Ha- I think we've all experienced something like that. Some kind of mental distraction is usually the culprit...

 It's easy to forget how complicated surfing is when you've been doing it regularly for years, and I could see somebody tossing themselves into a drop-in in the middle of some kind of deep unrelated contemplation (which is super common when floating out in a quiet lineup), and then suddenly being like "WAIT WTF AM I IN THE MIDDLE OF DOING?"

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