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Mad props to those early chargers here.

Yup lots of fun this morning whose got some pics?

Is it just me or do you feel the tension build when an SUP approaches?

For all those that served and are serving. For sending us some really fun leftovers this morning. For making this a school holiday and therefore no buses and lighter traffic going home, a huge bonus for my commute.


   Takayama's should only be ridden and never stored

Tweeted yesterday July 9 from the WSL VP Global Partnerships...
New spot from partner, Samsung. Shows how an individual sport like surfing is not a singular pursuit.
Samsung - Surf - We Are Greater Than I  via @YouTube




Laura MichaelsSep 12, 2014 — ED40 has withdrawn their current application to build a large-scale membership club at the site of the former East Deck Motel at Ditch Plains. The applicant's attorney notified the Town that they plan to return with a revised proposal but are simultaneously talking to the Town about the possibility of selling the 4 acre parcel for preservation. While this is good news, much work remains ahead of us ensuring that what happens next on this vulnerable property is in the best interest of the community. Thank you all for your support—this is far from over. Please stay tuned for updates and information.

East Deck Owners May Sell to Town
East Deck Owners May Sell to Town

The owners of the former East Deck Motel in Montauk, who have proposed a private club there, asked on Friday to postpone a scheduled appearance before the East Hampton Town Planning Board on Wednesday to give the town the chance to negotiate a possible purchase of the propert