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Def worth the read! Can't believe how they searched for waves in the 60's/pre-internet and his writing made me feel like I was riding every wave right along with him.

In East LB area was very cool, breached several times stayed for 15 min then moved on. Very cool.


A Rip Curl Wetsuit 3/2 Flashbomb, size small, black with blue arms pink inside was taken from my nephew a local grom at Ditch Sun June 3 around 3p drying out on the fence. A reward is being offered for the return no questions asked. 631-329-3784
No comments on the dirty board please:) and any help is appreciated!

Thanks for that great shots!

Cupso would go.

I too had my problems with the close outs Sat and Sun but know better than to blame my bad sessions on that , especially after seeing how effortlessly the unsOund pro's were tearing it up Sun. Really humbling but mad respect. Glad they got waves.

Maybe Bob Arkow

Is it just me or should this be moved to the NY NJ Surf Garden Center Thread?

Patagonia is having a sale on some of their suits as well: [/size][/b][/color]

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« on: February 03, 2017, 03:13:50 PM »
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Mad props to those early chargers here.

You lost me at WETSOX

I have the same issue but with skinny ankles and wrists on a 200 lb frame

Love a good groundswell!
Thanks for sharing.

Election day swell put a hex on Thxgiving.

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