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Sat was a humbling experience.
yeah thats an understatement ...soo out of shape!

also the unsound/quik shop in oceanside

they also feel like your wearing those yellow dish cleaning gloves...its really is amazing!

seacliff said he was rocking them in going to see how they do in march....i wore them in nov and they were super hot

yeah i have the neo 2mm...they are amazing!

mountain will not be crowded by any means....way too much snow and the timing of it doesnt help the driving....should be an epic weekend..stay safe everyone

Haven't been to Costa Rica in a quite a few years. Any suggestions on cheap tickets/ board bag fees

where are you located

in all my years of dealing with the red cross the final outcome has been that they are criminals!!!! I received quite a few phone calls from people out of town (after sandy) asking where they should donate. First thing I told them “don’t you dare give money to the redcross”..i truly believe that they should be charged with criminal activity!

The Recovery Room / Re: Protecting Rockaway Going Forward...
« on: November 21, 2012, 02:54:11 PM »
you can say what you want about sand and dunes...they both wont help in a storm like this and will only front of my aunts house (beach front) had 15 foot dunes. all that sand did more harm then anything and on top of it the dunes are gone! complaining about not having dunes is fine but in the long run didnt help one bit and if anything made the problem 20x worse. living in an area like this theres only one way to protect your self and thats by putting your house on piling ...sure your in ground pools/cars/backyards will be gone but youll still have your house...leave the beach alone and put the money towards lifting houses

Main Room - General New York Surf and New Jersey Surf Discussions / Re: RIP
« on: November 15, 2012, 03:06:34 PM »
yeah i would say 10ft and a bomb must have dropped on it...does anyone know the reason it was painted purple?

Heard the surfer is Shane ward

Just got a call from a friend said he heard on the news someone died out there today...any confirmation on this?  Hope it's not true!

these pics are amazing..but where i was yesterday was without a doubt 3 to 4x that size!

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