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need ideas.  need a trip :)

went to a concert in bk last weekend & was downing a few in advance at a random bar that--much to my surprise--also contained an indoor mini bowl.  kind of awesome.  black bear bar.  definitely will head back with a skateboard sometime.

Say Dec 26th or 27th to January 4th--where should I go?!

swim portion is killing my triathlon times.  anyone know a legit swim coach in nyc?

seen some photos but haven't heard much about surf in area.  website lowkey.  anyone been?

Haven't been to either.  Thoughts on which to do for a Friday fly in, Monday fly out, first Carib surf trip?

assume fall best like france?

that was sick.  my shoulders hurt.  hope you all scored.  let's get another one of those before the hoods go on!

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / roger sterling, surfer
« on: October 20, 2013, 10:58:18 AM »
and all around nice guy.

the characters you meet at ditch  ;D

anyone dealt with this before...serious bummer to get another injury. 

was prescribed an NSAID and PT for 4 weeks then re-evaluate.  can be surgically treated.  persistent ache and wobbly feeling in hip since i did it (bodyweight squatting at the end of a chest workout on a lark, of all things), though hasn't affected my running or cycling (training for olympic tri at end of month--figure ramp up to that had something to do with it too).

have torn labrums now in 3 of 4 possible locations as did both shoulders playing rugby but haven't had any issues with shoulders so hoping this will be the same post anti-inflams + pt...

This is starting to look bad  >:(
September 10 marks the traditional halfway point of the Atlantic hurricane season, and the first half of the hurricane season of 2013 is making its mark in the history books as one of the least active such periods on record. Going back to before when the Hurricane Hunters first began flying in 1944, there has been only one hurricane season that made it past the half-way point without a hurricane forming: the El Niņo year of 2002, when Hurricane Gustav formed at 8 am EDT on September 11. Tropical Storm Humberto is looking poised to become a hurricane later today, and 2013 will likely end up ranking in 2nd place for latest formation of the season's first hurricane, going back to 1941. Here are the Atlantic hurricane seasons since 1941 in which the first hurricane did not form until after September 7:

2002: September 11, Hurricane Gustav
2013: September 10+ (Nothing yet)
1984: September 10, Hurricane Diana
2001: September 8, Hurricane Erin

Prior to 1944, there were four hurricane seasons that had the first hurricane form after September 15:

1914: No hurricanes in the Atlantic
1907: No hurricanes in the Atlantic
1905: October 8
1941: September 16

According to NHC, August 10 is the average date the first Atlantic hurricane arrives, and the season's third hurricane usually develops by September 9. So, assuming Humberto makes it to hurricane status, we are two hurricanes behind the average season pace. An average season brings six hurricanes, two of them being intense hurricanes.

strangely--kind of fun on a log today.  and the weather accommodated as well, depressing crowd levels and minimizing sunscreen usage.  stoked!

now if someone can hold the rain tomorrow so the us open can proceed, that would be epic  ;D

lot of running shoes out there these days.  minimal, sort of minimal, not at all minimal.  weird stuff like hoka, newton and altra. 

curious as to what are people wearing and why these days?

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