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have done california way too many times and really need to go international.  sounds like nicaragua and...?  how about barbados?

need ideas.  need a trip :)

kandui is great.  go.  and go again.  and again.

went to a concert in bk last weekend & was downing a few in advance at a random bar that--much to my surprise--also contained an indoor mini bowl.  kind of awesome.  black bear bar.  definitely will head back with a skateboard sometime.

I really like the second one.  How can I order jscottk?

Say Dec 26th or 27th to January 4th--where should I go?!

the more things change, the more they stay the same.

swim portion is killing my triathlon times.  anyone know a legit swim coach in nyc?

i only use my own boards--is that okay?

also--can i get a glance at the girls beforehand?

seen some photos but haven't heard much about surf in area.  website lowkey.  anyone been?

confirmed torn labrums in 3 of my 4 ball/socket joints (and let's be real--probably in the fourth as well).  if you don't want to take the medical route (and apparently FYI labrum surgeries are dicy on reducing any paint/restoring mobility) just take it easy at first, start doing standard rehab exercises available via quick google, and you'll get to a strong point sooner or later.

or if someone wants one smaller, i have a 5'9 for sale as well.

also like windham most.  but don't bother with any day trip mountains any more.  it's either VT or out west.

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