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here's an idea--don't put a go pro on your board in the first place.  unless you're surfing gigantic barrels the footage is weak.

Gorgeous waves coming through today...they just needed to be at least 3x larger.  Amazing conditions though.  Ran on the boardwalk instead.  Merry Christmas!

that was sick.  my shoulders hurt.  hope you all scored.  let's get another one of those before the hoods go on!

don't get the anti-under armour sentiment.  ever play sports?  their gear is indispensable.  plus amazing entrepreneurial story--now ~$5bn market cap company from scratch.
some of the boardshorts out there are pretty sweet--hurley mirage for example, welded seams, super fast drying, as light as can be.  imho, quik diamond dobbies are way behind the curve.  if ua can improve tech and sell at a more reasonable price point, i'm all about it.

don't know if you guys know this--but zocalo, in the grand central food court, will give you a margarita to go.  they're excellent and you can walk around with em looking for all the world like you're sipping on jamba juice.

so shot right now.  5:30 am get up, 6 am in the water, 11 am refuel, noon back in the water, 2:45 pm refuel, 5:45 pm done for the day.  mutant wedgey peaks early, rocket righthanders middle, leisurely lefts late.  surfed about as good as i ever have early and slowly lost that over the course of the day as fatigue took over.  stooooooked  ;D

kind of wishing that i had surfed my beater on sunday.  there's something about the unpredictable squirreliness of that board that makes surfing so much more fun.

not one of those folks frequents this forum?  i'm so disappointed right now.
on the other hand, i feel your pain, rockaway.  at least the montauk hipster set dresses better  ;D

List of items for sale below - more likely to come as I continue to clean out drawers, closets, garages, etc.!  If you have a reasonable figure in mind and it's not my quote, please pm me (that said, no low balls).  Pickup can be flexible in east LI, west LI or city if you give me some time to move items around.  Thanks for looking!
1. Tom Parrish 6'6 x 19-1/8 x 2-9/16 round-pin semi-gun.  6+4s deck, 6 bottom, sienna tint, gloss and polish.  Futures fins.  Clear nose guard so ya don't spear yourself when it's gnarly.  9.8/10 condition--surfed exactly once at overhead Uluwatu.  Cost me $750 plus shipping, asking $650.

2. Firewire / Lost 6'0 x 19-1/2 x 2-5/16 Stealth (FST tech).  Set up with five FCS boxes (the new ones), can be ridden as a thruster or a quad.  Da Kine AI black-white gradient traction pad in the right spot on the tail.  9.9/10 condition--board was only ridden a handful of times and is immaculate.    Retail is ~$700 (plus shipping if you can't find them around here), asking $575.  See it on the Firewire site here:
3. Aviso/Lost 5'9 x 20-1/4 x 2-3/8 Round Nose Fish Quad.  8.8/10 condition only because there are a few superficial scratches that can probably be polished out and wouldn't be noticed on a normal board, but stand out here 'cause it's carbon.  FCS fins, Komunity traction pad in the right spot on the tail.  Believe they go for quite a pretty penny new--$850+ maybe?  I'm asking $600.  See it on the Aviso site here:
4. Zamora 5'8 x not sure (20-1/4?) x not sure (varies since deck is concaved and no beak nose).  ever tried a retro twin keel replete with no toe geppies, fat as a brick rails and a flat bottom? think it surfed flat and was a bit blah, to put it nicely?  maybe, however, you noticed the effortless speed and wondered if something could be done to fix it--to be able to hit the lip and get that same speed?  me too.  after three tries for a solid compromise of performance and user-friendliness via the used board market, i hooked up with ian zamora and had him make me a performance version of a twin keel fish.  this board is the result and it's awesome.  all the bells and whistles: concave deck, thinned, perfect compromise rails, no beak nose, lokbox (with ci glass keels), CI fish traction pad, crazy bottom contour that i'd have to find ian's description to give justice too.  7.5/10--two decent sized dents from knees or elbows, one on the rail, but super clean otherwise.  asking $280.

5. Outer Islands 6'1 x 18-5/8 x 2-1/4 Squash Tail Thruster.  Outer Islands--never heard of it?  It's an Australian shaper by the name of Mitchell Rae, early Indo guy, experimenter, does a lot of flex tail stuff, see his site here:

Board has been used but not abused--5/10 condition.  still damn white, all dings professionally repaired, the usual dents underfoot. Thruster set-up with Speeedfins which are not seen very often these days but are a neat concept--they snap in with only the front of the fin anchored to the board; the back floats.  The thinking is that you get a little bit more twang out of your turns as the fiberglass flexes.  I've felt it, not life altering but you certainly feel a bit more juice out of your turns.  I've got hexcore fiberglass fins for it, plus a backup set that's one fin sort, plus a composite backup set as well (and online distributors like surf warehouse have additional speeedfins so no worries on finding em).  Asking $125.

6.  Fibreglass Fin Co. Spitfire Single Fin.  10/10 perfect condition.  Slightly thicker than you average fin.  Theory here is that they go super fast and pivot easily--I can verify both of those claims, just don't have a single fin anymore.  $70 new plus shipping, asking $45.
7. True Ames Greenough 4A 8 inch Single Fin.  10/10 perfect condition.  $50 new, asking $35.
8.  True Ames 6.5 inch bonzer center fin retrofit by John Cherry with a bamboo center and base holes drilled out.  Fin is clear, balsa is light blonde.  Light as a feather--will really make an impact in the tail weight of your bonzer or single fin.  if you wanted to do one of these today, you'd be on your own as John doesn't do them anymore.  10/10 mind condition.  Asking $60 (fin cost ~$40, retrofit ~$60).

9. FCS MR TFX Quad Set.  Fiberglass with some kind of insert.  Some superficial scratches--8/10.  Asking $30.
10.  True Ames Channel Islands FCS thruster set.  Blue fiberglass.  10/10--brand new.  Asking $30.
11.  True Ames Timmy Patterson Futures thruster set.  Gray smoke fiberglass with hex core.  10/10--brand new.  Asking $30.
12.  X-Trak "Damo / Diamond Plate" pad in black and light blue.  Have back of packaging but apparently took the wrap off for some reason.  Regardless--it's good to go.  New they're $40, asking $20.
13.  Da Kine "Bruce Irons" pad in black and bright green.  Brand new in packaging.  Meant to return it but forgot it under my bed so my bad luck is your good luck.  New they're $40, asking $25.
14. Cheyne Horan Star Fin.  Go nuts.  Brand new, never used.  $80.
Thanks for looking and feel free to pm with any reasonable offers!
Unfortunately no trades as I need to clear all of this out.


yeah!  happy bday chief!  how's south bay livin'?

Potentially for sale:
5'9 x 20.25 x 2.375 Lost/Aviso Round Nose Fish Quad.  Mint condition.  FCS fins, tailpad in the right spot.  See it on the Aviso site here:
Asking $600.  Don't have pictures presently but can get them by Saturday.  PM with interest.

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