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Hello Everybody, I posted some new shots in the Central Area from the Super Bowl Sunday swell. Checkem if your interested. Rich

It's back up

Looking for a 4/3 for colder water. Anybody have a needEssentials ? This suit, price is good, not sure, new brand.

Thanks Dave, yea, the last one was sick, that was later on in the day too.

Hello Everybody, I posted a bunch of new shots from the last swell. Shot on Friday, October 11, checkem if your interested. Rich

Thank you surfdoc and Kyle !

Hello Everybody,

I posted a Hurricane Dorian Video from September 7. Check it if your interested. Shot in the Central Area, here is a link to the video page.

8 has it all

Yes, membership is very expensive, out of my price range for sure. I hope the hour sessions will be more reasonable and the wave will be like Slaters wave or something close to it ? If it's like the one in Waco not sure if I would bother, to short of a wave for the cost.

Just found out about this, the long island surf park looks like it will finally happen ! See article

I checked the site this morning, at least they have color for the wind, maybe it will be back ?

Did some searching on their forum site, found this, maybe it will be back up soon ?

Hello Everybody, I put up some new shots from Saturday morning, April 6, in the Central Area if you want to have a look.

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