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Just got a new Black Rose Mfg longboard and already almost dinged it because of my tiny T-rex arms, if anyone has bags laying around let me know.  Can meet in NYC, Rockaway, Jersey Shore anywhere in NJ!


Hey! I'm looking for a thruster set of FCS fins in Glassflex or something equally cheap. I just need a set for a big foamy I picked up for fun micro days. The bigger the better, I'm interested in anything you've got for less than $40, and preferably the bigger the better!

Hello all, thought I'd reach out and see if anyone has a fun noserider that hasn't been getting much use lately.  My Bing Elevator is starting to lose some steam and I want to go a little longer (this one is 9'0").  I saw a great Black Rose Mfg board on here before that would have been great, so anything along those lines I'm interested in!  Located in North Jersey but willing to drive out anywhere to check something fun out yewwww


So this is the first time that I have a couple of boards that I need to throw away... most of the time I can giveaway or reuse/fix myself, but I refuse to fix another blown out FCS box on one board.  Anyway, other than giving the broken boards away for free on craigslist, any ideas on how I would throw them away?  Being in a metro area, it would be odd to put out in the trash, and I'm pretty concerned about where that foams going to end up.  Any ideas let me know!

I picked up both these boards from Bacon (before his love for slightly more volume and new fit look!), I brought the dominator around a bit, but then upgraded to a Vader and other second hand bacon boards.  The Deadsleds was a backup that I only used a couple of times, but super fun board, just doing that thing where I get older and larger.

5'4" x 19 1/4" x 2 1/4" 25.7L Firewire Dominator - $200, FCS with Stretch Quad Glassflex set, barely even a pressure ding, clear coated paint pen "custom" addition by yours truly


5'5" x 18 7/8" x 2 5/16" (I would guess about 25L as well) Deadsleds Futures, no fins- $100, pressure dings that I tried to show with light in the picture, repaired nose from when it was shipped over to bacon, no open dings.  rides really well in waist-chest+ mushy waves


I can meet almost anywhere in North Jersey, Manhattan, anything near a train station NY.

So this is the 4th year I'm heading over to California for a trip where I'm trying to squeeze in plenty of surfing.  Each year I've done something a little different in terms of grabbing a board:  buy from craigslist, borrow from a neighbor, rent from a shop.  This year I tried to order a board in time, then planned to ship it back, but that didn't work out.  I just came across two different websites and, has anyone had any experience with either of these?  Any other good ideas?  This year I'm staying in La Jolla (so I would have totally checked out that new place in Huntington Beach, Quivers, but too long of a drive).  Kind of just curious about everyone's ideas when it's a short trip (4-5 days max).

I'm selling my 5'4" 19 1/4" 2 1/4" 25.7L Dominator with only very minor pressure dings (I picked this up from Bacon before, so you know it was taken care of).  I'm looking for $200 and can throw in an FCS quad set (SF4 in glassflex).  I'm 165 lb and you'd be suprised how floaty this little nugget is, could also work for the groms too!  Board is currently at the Rockaway Beach Surf Club, but could meet anywhere walkable/trainable in NY/NJ.  I just ordered a sweet stubbie singlefin from CA and would love to be able to pay to actually ship it here ;)

I really started liking one of my firewires as a quad, but now I'm out a rear set for my other board.  Anyone have a rear FCS set laying around?  Or another FCS full quad set?  Performance core would be great (I have some greenflex ones I can always throw in there, but trying to mix it up a little).

I've been checking out this forum for a while for used boards and the witty banter, but I finally picked up two used boards from you guys.  Just wanted to share how stoked I already am, going to bring out the 5'4" firewire that I picked up from Bacon, and got to take out the Hess I picked up from dobiedouble.  The hess was actually really fun in the little baby waves I found on saturday, just wanted to share a pic someone snapped, and say how pumped I am.  Thanks guys!

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