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I am putting together a bio of former ASP surfer Ellie Keck. I need any and all magazine articles, photographs or news articles. If you have any please let me know.
Thank you,

I would like to buy a Roberts White Diamond 6'0" - Epoxy, Poly or Hydroflex. Any fin set up or system will do. 

Full men's wetsuit found at Manasquan Inlet. Please reply with the details of the suit if it is yours.

Where can I buy fins for a twinzer Futures set up?

In Central NJ, who is the best in the biz when it comes to board repair, specifically glass & fin box repairs?

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Who does the best fin box and ding repair on the Jersey Shore? I have a beautiful custom board which needs the best!

I am looking for a used or new soft top surfboard like the ones used in surf schools/camps. 9'0 x at least 22" x at least 3 1/2".

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« on: September 22, 2012, 08:36:04 PM »
Why do the top wetsuit manufacturers tease us with giving the pro.s wetsuits with great designs & colors that never come to market? I am a woman and I WANT the Gudauskus' checkerboard wetsuits. Has anyone come across any special wetsuits and if so, where are they available?

Surfing this morning (9/11/12) at Remsen Ave in Spring Lake. I lost my GoPro cam on a wrist strap in the shore break. If anybody just happens to come across it, please let me know. I want the video on it so I am offering a reward!!!!

Looking to buy a pre-owned 6'8" Takayama Scorpion.

I am currently loving my 7'2" Walden Mega Magic in tiny, sometimes non-existent, Jersey Shore surf. The board just catches EVERYTHING with 72 liters of volume packed in.
My questions are:
1. Does a shorter board (≤7') exist with as much volume? Is that even possible?
2. What is the shortest board with the most volume available?
3. Is a Mini-Simmons the only hope?
4. What is shortest board which can still be ridden at the nose?
Thank you,
Sam.  ;)   

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