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Used XTR Evo 5'5 x 19.5 x 2.5  30.8L FCS2  5 fin setup in nice condition (Does not come with fins). Purchased used and has one professional repair as seen in pictures. Some fading on deck due to a full deck pad that was applied before I purchased. Just getting too old for this size board and have shifted to mid lengths so this has to go. Located in South Jersey  $400

Perfect condition 57 x 20.5 x 2 5/16 31.1 L Future twin LFT Go Fish. Only rode it 2 times, no fins. $500

Love the board but want to decrease size a bit.  New condition, small dent near rail repaired after last hurricane swell, only about 4 sessions on board.  Really want to trade for a smaller size but willing to sell for $975 w/o fins.  Down in South Jersey.

5'2 x 21.25 x 2.5 Hess Snaggle Paw in excellent condition with a future quad setup, no fins   $550    Would be willing to trade for a good shaper mid length between 7'2- 7'6

Interested in trying a Flat Tracker, Flat Tracker 2.0, Huntsman in the 7'0 - 7'4 range.  Anything with a similar shape might be of interest.  I'm located in South Jersey.

Looking for either a round nose or pulled in nose type board.  Fin setup doesn't matter but would prefer a 2 +1.  Not interested in any hp shaped nose on the board.  Had a Ricky Carroll mini me a few years back and really looking something similar to that.  Let me know.  Located in South Jersey.


I have a 5'7 x 19.5 x 2.5  ~31L FCS2 Twinsie model in really nice condition.  Has had a fin box repaired, no fins.  Usually ridden as a twin plus trailer.  Just purchased a Go Fish in the same size so this one has to go.  Willing to trade for a 6'4 - 6'8 round nose type board.  Located in South Jersey   $325

Have a thruster FCS2 Large Performer set in Performance Core construction (Honeycomb Blue/White) that I am looking to trade for either PC or Neo Glass Medium accelerator set.   Located in South Jersey.

Just sold my 5'4 and want to go a tad bigger. Prefer FCS2 setup and I'm located in South Jersey.


52 x 20 x 2 3/8 Mandala Superchunk fcs2.  $450
55 x 20 3/8 x 2 1/4 Firewire Go Fish twin futures.  $395
54 x 19 1/4 x 2 7/16 Tomo EVO LFT fcs2.    $385
80 DaveySky Banana Leaf Mini Longboard.   SOLD

Send me a message for any additional information.

Selling a gently used mini longboard in excellent condition.  2 + 1 fin setup, located down in South Jersey.   Dimensions in photo.  Would trade for a 62 - 66 egg shape / mini mal type board (no single fins)   $499

Interested in trying a RNF Redux for awhile now.   Willing to do a trade have an evo, mandala and go fish.   If u just want to sell let me know your price.   Located in South Jersey

Looking for a 5'8 - 5'10 Greg Griffin twin or MR retro.  Had a modfish 2 that I loved but willing to try either one.  Down in South Jersey

Have a 55 Go Fish with a future setup and looking to go up to a 57 Go Fish.  Anyone have one available?  Im down in South Jersey

Looking for a larger fin for my 96 longboard.  Interested in a flex or pivot fin to try in the 9.5 - 10 inch range.  If u have a few lying around let me know.   Im down in South Jersey (LBI)

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