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Looking to try another fish design but only a 5'7    Located in South Jersey.

53 x 22 x 2 5/8? EPS Hank Warner Power Hull.   9.5/10 condition and includes his signature future 5 fins.  Getting a little old for this board so selling to fund another board or would trade for a smaller mid length in the 66 - 68 range (under 40L).  $450

Located in South Jersey


Looking for a specific smaller 6' 6 Gary Hanel egg w/ 2 + 1 setup.   A little better for our beach breaks out East.  Long shot but thought I'd ask.   Also would possibly be interested in a rounded pin twin in the same size.  Down in South Jersey.

I have a Power Hull that I'm looking to possibly sell if any interest.  Dims are 5'3 x 22 x 2.5? with 5 fin future setup.   Really nice condition  $450.  Comes with the Warner Power Hull 5 fins made for this board.   Located in South jersey.   Message me for pics. 

 No longer in the market ---found what I was looking for.

Sold all my mini simmons and looking to get another reasonably priced one for summertime surf.  Don't want to go too small because of age, prefer twin fin.  Located in South jersey


Used XTR Evo 5'5 x 19.5 x 2.5  30.8L FCS2  5 fin setup in nice condition (Does not come with fins). Purchased used and has one professional repair as seen in pictures. Some fading on deck due to a full deck pad that was applied before I purchased. Just getting too old for this size board and have shifted to mid lengths so this has to go. Located in South Jersey  $400

Still looking for a trade for smaller version.

Perfect condition 57 x 20.5 x 2 5/16 31.1 L Future twin LFT Go Fish. Only rode it 2 times, no fins. $500

Love the board but want to decrease size a bit.  New condition, small dent near rail repaired after last hurricane swell, only about 4 sessions on board.  Really want to trade for a smaller size (6' 6).   Down in South Jersey.

5'2 x 21.25 x 2.5 Hess Snaggle Paw in excellent condition with a future quad setup, no fins   $550    Would be willing to trade for a good shaper mid length between 7'2- 7'6

Interested in trying a Flat Tracker, Flat Tracker 2.0, Huntsman in the 7'0 - 7'4 range.  Anything with a similar shape might be of interest.  I'm located in South Jersey.

Probably not interested in a bonzer type board right now but nice board.

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