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The WSL is coming back to town. And they're bringing the loggers! I hope we get some decent waves, but already it's looking like a quiet start to the season. Prove me wrong, mother nature!

Will there be a trials contest beforehand? Any local log legends competing?

Where da party at? Holla at ya boy, @sessionstories

A few photos from a nice little swell we had back in July. It was definitely better earlier, but still some fun to be had out there when I shot these. I also added a gallery from Life Rolls On. That was a beautiful event and kept my spirits high for days later. Not sure who got more out of it, the volunteers or athletes :)

...doing my taxes.  ???

A Christmas miracle for the working stiffs? This one's for our ocean family. Happy holidays, ya filthy animals. See ya out there.

I posted a series of photos from last swell on my webpage, Session Stories:

Looked good, but tricky out there.

Hey all,

I know most of you probably hit up the Surfrider Long Island Chapter...but if you're in or near the city, feel free to come out to the Surfrider NYC chapter meeting this Wednesday Night at Loreley Beer Garden 7-9pm. There'll be much talk about the Williams Pipeline.

Hit me up if you want more details.

Posted a gallery of photos from Winter Storm Riley. There are a couple of Mike Gleason in there. I know I met a few other surfers that weekend. Would be psyched to connect if you recognize yourself or anyone else.

I'll be out East for this one.

All my surf buddies have babies or other plans, so I'm rolling solo. Some are headed a bit south tomorrow.

Hope to see some of y'all. Say hi if you see me - grey Canon L 100-300 on land - yellow SPL housing in the water.

Too bad the WSL wasn't back in NY this week - Trestles = snoozefest.

hey, would anyone be interested in linking up to surf / shoot footage? Soon or later this Fall. Surfers or photogs. Send me a DM and let's figure it out. Mostly NY, but also NJ.

A couple shots from that last swell.

I hope everyone got a few. It definitely had its moments.

We have 22 active members this year. Going into Fiji, KduB is in the lead with a total of 3,191 and two events with 800+ points and is ranked #1,505 worldwide.

If you haven't joined, you can still start, you just won't have a chance to win. Consider it a practice year (all my years have been practice years). Join Fantasy Surfer here

You can find our club by clicking "Public Clubs" then searching for

Fiji is a good time to start and should be an exciting contest to watch. The forecast is for overhead to double overhead waves and it should begin Saturday at 8pm.

I posted some fantasy surf advice on my surf site here. Feel free to let me know if you think it's good or crap.

Good luck!

There's a reflective bio on the life of Ricky Rasmussen, legendary NY surfer, in this month's The Surfer's Journal. The piece is titled, "Unsafe At Any Speed." To say that the guy's story is fascinating would be an understatement. Just to even discuss his life, we must use a cautionary lens to portray such a fella and his tragedy, as he was onto big things early. That being said, when it comes to surf lore...whoa, that guy was a bad ass.

Who would you say is the modern day Bunker Spreckels?

I look at people like Eric or Donald Trump Jr, and I don't get why they're not blowing daddy's fortune getting heli-dropped into some reef pass in Micronesia.

There are all these Rich Kids of Instagram and they have all these yachts and crap - but no gold plated hydro-foil or private island reef breaks, or zip lining from yacht to yacht.

It's disappointing. There's gotta be some surfer that's lucked into some $$$, and has a little more creativity than the norm.

A couple photos from last week. I was glad to meet a few new folks. Thanks for coming to chat with the photog!

upload upload

You can find a couple more snaps here.

Also, feel free to give me a follow on Insta: SessionStories

Always glad to meet new people and link up for sessions. Stay salty!

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