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I've been out a few times and the problem that I see is at the access points. They are like chokepoints that funnel people in, but then some choose to just stand around and loiter in these areas and clog it up. If it's a tight area, people need to keep moving.

Some will walk only 20 feet past the beach entrance and plop their chairs and towel down.

With that Saturday forecast, WSL might've struck gold twice in LB. Wonder if they'll try to squeeze most of it in on Saturday--finals on Sunday? Or a wild day on Friday, then finals on Saturday?

How many days does it take to run the Longboard contest? Two? Threeeeee?

Well, well, maybe weíll see some energy from Dorian. Things could be shaping up.

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All is true...but it's not a question of if, but what quality...already it's a late start to the season. On good years, our first storm pulse arrives by August 24th. And we're not seeing anything off Cape Verde at the moment, so long period is looking unlikely, but still possible. Extra warm waters and warm temps could mean a later start than usual. Just a northernly disturbance on the pond named Chantal as our only hope...channeling the spirit of the wish is the contest has to go on hold because it's too big...they saaaaaay I'm a dreamer....

The WSL is coming back to town. And they're bringing the loggers! I hope we get some decent waves, but already it's looking like a quiet start to the season. Prove me wrong, mother nature!

Will there be a trials contest beforehand? Any local log legends competing?

Where da party at? Holla at ya boy, @sessionstories

A few photos from a nice little swell we had back in July. It was definitely better earlier, but still some fun to be had out there when I shot these. I also added a gallery from Life Rolls On. That was a beautiful event and kept my spirits high for days later. Not sure who got more out of it, the volunteers or athletes :)

nice all around--sick drone shots.

...doing my taxes.  ???

Sweet, especially the one on the green fish. That's a keeper.

I enjoyed the one with David Lee Scales. I also found the one with Matt McGregor Mento entertaining and learning about British belly boards.

I need to dig back into some of the episodes I've missed. Will also have to check out this script flip episode, thanks for the heads up!


Couple from down yonder.

A Christmas miracle for the working stiffs? This one's for our ocean family. Happy holidays, ya filthy animals. See ya out there.

Nice, looks like more coming soon!

Who was that shooting from the water?

I posted a series of photos from last swell on my webpage, Session Stories:

Looked good, but tricky out there.

Iíd say the short answer is yes, itís safe for gringo surfers. I havenít been recently, but Stab has done a few decent write ups about it.

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