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I've been out a few times and the problem that I see is at the access points. They are like chokepoints that funnel people in, but then some choose to just stand around and loiter in these areas and clog it up. If it's a tight area, people need to keep moving.

Some will walk only 20 feet past the beach entrance and plop their chairs and towel down.

Sweet, especially the one on the green fish. That's a keeper.

I posted a series of photos from last swell on my webpage, Session Stories:

Looked good, but tricky out there.

Hey all,

I know most of you probably hit up the Surfrider Long Island Chapter...but if you're in or near the city, feel free to come out to the Surfrider NYC chapter meeting this Wednesday Night at Loreley Beer Garden 7-9pm. There'll be much talk about the Williams Pipeline.

Hit me up if you want more details.

Posted a gallery of photos from Winter Storm Riley. There are a couple of Mike Gleason in there. I know I met a few other surfers that weekend. Would be psyched to connect if you recognize yourself or anyone else.


Been doing the surf before work thing for almost a decade - work in Manhattan. I have to say though - I've recently quit because I realized it's not worth it. It really takes up a ton of time for what you get out of it. My advice to younger surfers in NY or anyone thinking how to maximize their wave count for quality waves - focus on your career first - because I think that'll give you much more freedom in the end. Yeah, you'll never be one of those guys that's a "local" always at whatever jetty at whatever street - but you'll be able to do strike missions and surf better waves around the world. You'll build relationships in PR, CR, Nica, etc...and I think you'll spend more time on quality waves.

I have a little note over my desk that says "Working is surfing". It's just a reminder that when I'm putting in extra time - I'm actually earning more freedom to surf. To me, the real advantage of living in New York is the insanely great opportunities to get ahead. If you couple that with figuring out some strategic long weekend strike missions (even a Fri-Sun strike mission can net you 8-9 sessions) and watching those holiday weekends (presidents day / memorial day / july 4th, etc). Just get really good at surf trip planning / and watching forecasts for last minute strikes because then you'll really score and if you have that cash to throwdown for those last minute tickets - you could pick off some insanely good swells.

So, I'd actually say living in a place that allows you to spend less time commuting - more time working / networking - and possibly in closer proximity to one of the airports is a pretty sick way to go. Remember once your career gets going - you can find additional ways to make money outside of your 9-5. Start earning people's trust - then you're telecommuting from CR for a week.

All that being said, I'm sure there are plenty of other "time-useage" algorithms to maximize your quality wave count. And I think each neighborhood offers distinct co-efficients in front of those variables.

PS - I DM'd you with my hood :)

I'll be out East for this one.

All my surf buddies have babies or other plans, so I'm rolling solo. Some are headed a bit south tomorrow.

Hope to see some of y'all. Say hi if you see me - grey Canon L 100-300 on land - yellow SPL housing in the water.

Too bad the WSL wasn't back in NY this week - Trestles = snoozefest.

I'll echo the yoga thing - especially Restorative Yoga.

This guy, J. Brown, has a video of his program, which I do about 1-2 a week. It's all based around the ujjayi breath which is the foundation of the practice. Also the basis for the breathing you see Healy, Laird and Wim Hoff all promoting.

Here's the specific move which can really help get the crunchiness out of your shoulders - and help strengthen those stabilizer muscles and ligaments.

J. Brown Yoga - The 7 Minute Practice With Extra Teaching Commentary

After 3 dislocations and countless separations, I've had very minor issues since doing this routine. If you get a chance, go to the class. It's different than any other class and I think it's helpful to promote healing and prevent injuries.

I think splitting up your training days with restorative days is more balanced. Maybe 1 restorative for every 2 strength training days. And I'd never strength train an injured area - let it heal to at least 80% or so.


That was a pretty nice swell(s) we had this week. My instagram feed was blowing up, haha. Glad so many people got waves. I hope those who could score, did score.

Here are a few photos

Always glad to meet a few new folks on the beach. Thanks for saying hi!

I was pretty disappointed when I saw some east coast pros supporting it. Didn't take nerds long to figure out how to ruin surfing. JK! Can't wait to Trace, GoPro and drone my next session.

I'd love to see a Slater Fanning final, contest didn't disappoint, Seabass wave of the day!

These are a bit old, but wasn't that a great day? I enjoyed surfing with everyone, and it was good to see happy faces getting waves.

Just got back from my first surf trip to SoCal. I stayed in AirBnb's the whole time. We had solid swell, even a good combo swell on a Tuesday. Rental car was a bit pricey, but all in all, it was one of my favorite trips. God bless the USA. I even ran into an NY surfer while I was there :)

Extra board on the beach guy

Hot girl everyone gives waves to

Writes about his session on the message board guy  :P

Scored waves and a few photos. Also, it was my birthday, so that was a good present.